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New Product Solves Dog In Car Dilemma

If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure this scenario has crossed your mind … you’re on your way home from the dog park and remember you need to stop at the store for milk. You park your car in the shade, roll down the windows a bit to let in the breeze, and tell your dog you’ll be right back. As you’re hurrying through the frozen food section you step in a puddle of melted ice cream – your feet go out from under you and your head hits so hard you’re knocked unconscious. While you’re disoriented and waiting for the paramedics, the sun shifts and your car begins heating up …

What do you mean that thought has never occurred to you? I suppose it’s a product of my disturbing lack of gracefulness – but the point is, it could happen! And if it did, I’d want someone to bust the windows of my car and rescue my dog.

On the other hand, back in the days before we had the Winnebago, we left the dogs in the car one morning and ran into a cafe for a quick bite to eat. We were sitting at a table where we could see the car, and it was about 55 degrees and sunny outside. Just after we placed our order a woman came up and laid into us for abusing our dogs by leaving them in a cold car. I knew the dogs were fine – the car had been running and was comfortable inside, we’d cracked the windows to give the boys a little air, and they were curled up having a nap after our hike – but there was no convincing this woman that Ty and Buster were not freezing to death.

I just found out about a new product that will resolve both these issues – the Too Hot for Spot thermometer!

Too Hot for Spot Thermometer

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The inventor, Denise Pruett, says that after working for a veterinarian she wanted to raise awareness of the dangers pets face in cars that are too hot or cold. She designed the thermometer to give pet owners real time information to make intelligent choices when traveling with their pets. The display also serves as an educational and safety tool. Imagine someone walking by your empty car, noticing the temperature inside, and then reconsidering leaving their own pet alone. You could save a life without saying a word!

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but at just $10.95 plus $1.95 for shipping in the US, the price can’t be beat. I think I know what every dog lover on my Christmas list will be getting this year! :-)

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