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No Need To Be Rude

We were in Sonoma County, California for a friend’s wedding last weekend. Rod and I are both big fans of wine country, and we’ve never been here before with the dogs, so it was a great opportunity to do some research. One of the places we wanted to check out was Bodega Bay – it’s on the coast, about an hour’s drive from Sonoma.

When we arrived, we stopped by the visitor’s center and got some advice from a rather salty attendant. She scoffed at Rod’s question about the whale watching brochure on her desk, and suggested that “the overlook” was the best place to go for a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing a whale. Because she knew one of our goals was to get the dogs out for a walk, she informed us that the boys would be allowed in the parking lot, but no where else.

The views were spectacular.

Bodega Bay, CA Overlook

But then there was this:

Go Home Sign



We saw this sign as we were driving in and it soured the whole experience. So, you want to protect the habitat of shore birds, or you were tired of people who didn’t pick up after their dogs, or whatever – I get it. But, GO HOME? That’s just rude … and if you want to be a jerk, I can play that way too. This sign makes me feel more like breaking the rules than following them.

What do you think? Has traveling with the dogs made me overly sensitive?


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  • Edeitz says:

    I am afraid I would be prompted to “tag” that sign with spray paint and something snarky. Unbelievable.

  • Misspooppa says:

    I think it is very rude and I would break the rules…no IRS and or buts. And if I got stopped I epwould say I was trying to find my way home!

  • No, you’re not sensitive – the management must be burned out. Very ignorant, but excellent place to make an example of what not to do in one of your future posts;-D

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