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No Pet Hair, Please!

If you travel with your pet you know that not all “pet friendly” places are created equal. The places just paying lip service to the pet friendly movement broadcast their feelings in a number of ways. The most common is charging exorbitant fees for bringing your pet. Another popular one is enforcing a weight restriction that only the smallest of pocketbook dogs can meet.

This week we encountered a new one.

We pulled into a “pet friendly” campground in Oklahoma City on Saturday. After paying for a three night stay and setting up camp, we headed over to take care of this week’s laundry. We were met with this:

No Pet Hair Sign

Dismissing the grammar and spelling issues … Seriously?? I could “vigorously shake my clothes” until my arms fall off and not a single piece of Ty and Buster’s insidious fur would be dislodged! In fact, my clean clothes – directly from the dryer – are likely to have some fur on them. I’m fairly sure Ty and Buster consider this one of their biggest accomplishments. It’s their way of saying, “This person has two dogs who love her so dearly they make sure she never leaves the house (or RV in our case) without some fur.”

Apparently, if you have dogs like mine – and I’m sure you do – you are not welcome to wash your clothes here.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sympathetic to people with pet allergies. But, perhaps it would be adequate (not to mention more effective) to designate one pair of the four available washers and dryers for use by those with allergies?

Add the laundry room regulations to the lack of a designated pet walk area, the written rule that dogs are not allowed to relieve themselves on any trees or shrubs, and the fact that our only option for exercising the dogs was to do laps around the campgrounds roads – I’m getting the feeling that they’d rather not have pet travelers here.

What do you think? Am I coughing up a fur ball, or do I have a valid point here?

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  • Use a lint roller and get on with your life.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a huge animal lover, don’t eat meat, would never wear fur and one of the saddest things in my life was that I was born with horrible allergies to animals..otherwise I would have been a vet.  As I have researched this exhaustively I do know that there in no animal with fur or feathers that does not produce dander. It is a protein that is secreted in the saliva, urine as well as skin flakes, aka dander.  When an animal cleans itself by licking, it also spreads more  dander to the fur/hair.  Some animals do shed less, and some animals produce more oil, so their dander is stickier and more likely to adhere to surfaces.  I think most people who love animals find it wonderful to be able to travel with their pets.  I would advise anyone with allergies to call ahead to a hotel to see if the hotel accepts pets.  While the sign on the washing machine shows an attempt, there really is no way to keep dander from becoming airborne when vacuuming, and in turn it gets into the air handling equipment.  Also, I doubt many hotels switch vacuums, so the dander is transfered via cleaning equipment, etc.  Dander can persist for up to two years in an empty house, so it is impossible to believe that any hotel could possibly manage to keep rooms, public areas, etc dander free.  The cat dander protein is smaller and stickier which is why many more people seem to be allergic to cats. I think the best advice for people with allergies as severe as mine is to call ahead, and find an alternate hotel if you find out they accept pets.  I had one miserable weekend in Newport RI where I basically had a Benadryl IV (kidding)…..certainly not the pet owners fault,  I should have called ahead.  I wish you all safe and happy travels!!!  PS:  One great (crazy) trick I invented after I had to transport my brother and his dog in my car was to open all the doors and windows and blast it with my leaf blower…….also works for cleaning out the garage :)!

    • Thanks for all the great information. I’m one of those people who’s allergic to cats (and my dogs, but to a much lesser extent.) Like you, one of my worst days involved a reaction to pet dander and a dose of Benadryl.

      Great tip on the leaf blower – I may have to try that with the Winnebago! :-D

  • We are huge believers that this world is big enough for all types. If you don’t want us (including the dogs) around, please kindly state so and I will gladly refrain from visiting your business. No hard feelings and I totally defend your right to avoid dogs. BUT, we RV with the dogs, so if you do want our business, you want ALL of our business. We will keep the dogs leashed, quiet, well-behaved, and out of areas that they should avoid (disturbing wildlife, children’s play areas, other people’s campsites), but we WILL keep the dogs – grins. Fortunately, I find plenty of truly pet friendly places to camp and those places get out business again and again.

  • Pup Fan says:

    Wow… talk about unfriendly!

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