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Honey the golden retriever stays home on the boat. |

Should Your Pet Travel With You?

We want to take our pets everywhere! But that isn’t always a good idea — for you or your furry companion. Decide when your pet should travel with you.

White dog on powerboat in Harrison, ID

Rent A Pet Friendly Boat

Looking for a unique vacation experience with your furry travel companion? Try something completely different and rent a pet friendly boat!

Pet friendly camping cabin in an aspen forest

Try Cabin Camping with Your Pets

Choosing to stay in a camping cabin with your pets can add a lot to your trip experience. Get the scoop on finding pet friendly cabins and a packing list!

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Ty the Shar-pei and Buster the German Shepherd from relaxing in a campsite on their dog zip line

Making a Zip Line for your Dog

For about $10 you can make a zip line for your dog, and make your next camping trip, picnic, or afternoon at the park more fun and relaxing for you both!

Ensuring Happy Greetings While Traveling With Your Pet |

Ensuring Happy Greetings While Traveling With Your Pet

A bit of training and a few simple guidelines will ensure that when you introduce your dog to adults, children, other dogs, and even cats, everyone has a good experience! That’s the best part of managing happy pet greetings is making new friends and always being invited back.