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Dog-Friendly Hiking Near Chicago |

Dog-Friendly Hiking Near Chicago

Dog owners know that exercise is the key to a happy dog and an intact home! Lucky for Bailey, I love hiking. And over the years, we found some of the best dog-friendly hikes spots in the Chicago area. These are some of our favorites!

Honey the golden retriever tries to figure out which cup is hiding her treat.

11 Ways To Tire Out Your Dog In A Small Space

That awesome hike you have planned in the mountains is sure to tire your dog out! But what if it rains? Or if you sprain your ankle? We'll give you eleven ways to tire out your dog - even if you live in a small space!

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2018 Pet Travel Survey Results |

2018 Pet Travel Survey Results from

Evidence shows that pet owners are spending more on products and services for their furry family members, and that purchasing power is also impacting the travel industry. So, are pet lovers really interested in traveling with their pets? Here are the results of our 2018 pet travel survey.

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Making a Zip Line for Your Dog

Making a Zip Line for your Dog

For about $10 you can make a zip line for your dog, keeping him safe and allowing him to have more fun on your next camping trip, cook out, or day at the beach.

Low Clearance

That’s How We Roll: Low Clearance

Lest you think that traveling by RV is always calm and relaxing, here's the little calamity our GPS sent us on this weekend ... fasten your seat belt and enjoy!