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Pet Friendly Hotel Monaco – Denver, CO

As you may know, we attended BlogPaws in Denver last week. What you may not know is that the event was held in a hotel that is not pet friendly. Yep, that’s right. They held a conference for pet bloggers in a hotel that – under normal circumstances – won’t allow pets through the front door.

Of course, exceptions were made for BlogPaws attendees. My understanding is that the hotel opened one floor of guest rooms, the lobby and the meeting rooms to pets, and their accommodations were quite comfortable.

As you might expect, however, the GoPetFriendly team did not stay at the conference hotel. We encourage you to support pet friendly business, and we do the same, so we chose one of the many pet friendly hotels in Denver – the fantastic Hotel Monaco – Denver.

The Hotel Monaco belongs to the Kimpton chain, whose “hosPetality” program goes far beyond simply allowing your pet to stay. They welcome dogs, cats and various other pets with no fees or deposits, no restrictions on weight or size, and no limit on the number of pets allowed per room. They provide beds, bowls and treats and offer fun amenities like pet food, dog walking / sitting services, and chew toys. If your pet can’t join you, they’ll even provide you with a goldfish companion. And some of the hotels in the chain have canines on staff as Directors of Pet Relations!

Our room was charming and spacious – though any hotel room may have felt large after six months in the Winnebago. The dogs loved stretching out, and I especially enjoyed the shower. They have fantastic water pressure, and standing in the spray of a full-size shower was a real treat. Buster and Ty were so excited by the large, comfy bed the hotel provided for them that they actually shared it.

There were several convenient places to walk the dogs near the hotel, but we were continually drawn to the 16th Street Mall, just one block away. There is something about strolling this street, now closed to traffic, that warms the cockles of our hearts. Perhaps it’s the many pet friendly restaurants and eateries, perhaps it’s the shaded seating areas, or perhaps it’s that it ends at Centennial Park – an urban retreat for dog lovers.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make the Hotel Monaco’s complimentary evening wine reception – to which pets are invited. Nor were we able to squeeze in dinner at the acclaimed Panzano, though it offered outdoor seating options. These are things we’ll look forward to on our next trip to Denver. We hope we don’t have to wait too long!

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  • fun dog games says:

    It is good to know that there are hotels that do allow pets. Sometimes some pet owners do bring their pets on these places. However they should know the rules also on these places.

  • fun dog games says:

    It is good to know that there are hotels that do allow pets. Sometimes some pet owners do bring their pets on these places. However they should know the rules also on these places.

  • Melspetpals says:

    So nice to read about this cool hotel! Wow!

  • Wow – that's really a very spacious, lovely room you had there – and thanks for the street scene! I applaud you on your choice of hotels…it only makes sense to support hotels that have pet policies:)

    I too wonder why BSL cities are being chosen. This is counter-productive unless we have reps that will get a hearing with the legislators or Mayor to present up to date formal findings, and be allowed to converse and address the major points that drove the law to passing in a then versus now context. As with everything political,deliberate disinformation as well as general misinformation is what is driving electorate fear. It's time someone put a stop to it in every market, but the least we can do is leave our mark (excuse the pun:) in the cities Blogpaws chooses as convention sites.

  • Kim Clune says:

    What a fabulous place! The boys certainly look like they enjoyed their accommodations!

    As for the convention, I'm not sure why they would support a hotel that isn't pet friendly ALL the time, but they also supported Denver, a BSL city, and invited all attendees to bring their pets. This, of course, was an impossibility for anybody with a banned breed or mixed breed that resembles a banned breed – including boxers. Once the dog's feet hit the ground within city limits, they would be taken and killed. You don't get more pet-UNfriendly than that.

    I wasn't at the first conference, but isn't this the second time they've chosen a BSL city to host in?

    I'm glad people like you are out there unveiling all the places that are truly pet- friendly, not just playing pet-friendly depending upon the day – or revenue stream. It's deceptive, infuriating, downright deadly and needs to be revealed. Thanks for that.

    • Thank you Kim! Yes, I too was really disappointed that the conference was held in another BSL city. I know you were very involved in Maggie Marton's movement to raise awareness to encourage Denver to repeal their pit bull ban – and I truly appreciated her efforts. I think Maggie did all she could given she had no influence over the location of the conference.

      What would have been better was for the BlogPaws organizers to let Denver know that they were considering the city for a conference but decided against it due to their BSL. The best way to get their attention is to hit them where it hurts most – their pocketbook. By holding the conference there, they were rewarded despite their unfair legislation.

  • daleysdogyears says:

    Well, I was just about to express my dismay that the Grand Hyatt is only pet friendly understand certain circumstances but I'll hold off for now. If that does turn out to be the case, had I known it I definitely would have stayed at Hotel Monaco during BlogPaws – I've stayed with my dog at the San Francisco and Portland Hotel Monaco locations several times and have always had a good experience. I like to vote with my dog-friendly dollars. Perhaps this post following BlogPaws will be an example of Be The Pet-Friendly Travel Change! Thanks Go Pet Friendly.
    p.s. In addition to the wine reception (Portland's includes beer, of course) Hotel Monaco also serves warm cookies in the evening – a delish treat for the human guests!

    • Hi DaleyDogYears! Thanks for your comment. I think many of the participants of BlogPaws would have felt the same way had they known about the hotel's pet policy. I really hope that Yvonne is correct – it would be great to Be The Pet-Friendly Travel Change! I have to admit though, I think I will choose the Hotel Monaco again if we are back in Denver. And I'm sure Rod will agree once he finds out about the cookies – he has a weakness. =)

  • So do tell me — how was BlogPaws2 compared to BlogPaws1? Will there be a BlogPaws3 any time soon?

  • Yvonne says:

    Ah…but the Grand Hyatt IS pet friendly! We showed them the value of opening their hotel to pets and pet parents. They have put the pet friendly access into place and they are now a totally pet friendly hotel, because the BlogPaws community proved the excitement, interest, and worth of allowing out pets to travel with us. Three cheers for the newly pet friendly Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown Denver! Woot!

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for your comment. Perhaps the staff has not been notified of the new policy as of yet – but I've called the hotel 3 times in the past 2 days and each time I've gotten the same answer: they only allow service animals. I hope that you're right and over the next couple of weeks they are answering our pet friendly question in a different way.

  • Three cheers for the Kimpton group! We stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Portland recently, and raved. RAVED!

  • EdieJ says:

    I LOVE Kimpton hotels, but it's my understanding that the Grand Hyatt Denver is now pet friendly — in part as a result of holding the BlogPaws conference there. So they should be lauded for changing their policy.

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