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Pet Friendly Portsmouth

Our last stop on this summer’s tour of New England was Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This port city is just the right size to spend a day exploring on foot. We wandered from the waterfront to downtown and through the neighborhoods, admiring the architecture, the parks and green spaces, and the views. A fire in 1813 lead to new requirements that buildings be made of brick and have slate roofs – these have been preserved and now house boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants.

Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth, NH Portsmouth, NH

When you spend your days scouting pet friendly locations, it’s disappointing to come across a place as beautiful as Prescott Park – the city’s waterfront park and home to many festivals and concerts – and find that dogs are prohibited.

Prescott Park - Portsmouth, NH

However, crossing the bridge to Pierce Island restored our faith! Owned by the city, the island is home to the commercial fishing pier, the local swimming pool, a playground, and several walking trails. And, the entire eastern side of the island is an off-leash area! Buster was thrilled to be free to play with the other dogs and splash at the dog beach.

Buster at Pierce Island - Portsmouth, NH Buster at Pierce Island - Portsmouth, NH Pierce Island - Portsmouth, NH Pierce Island - Portsmouth, NH

Finding pet friendly restaurants was no problem, and there is a nice selection of pet friendly hotels to choose from as well. If Portsmouth is your next pet friendly destination, we think you’ll have a pawsome time!

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