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Pet Friendly Prescott

It’s just 90 miles between Phoenix and Prescott, but it’s like a different world. Mountains materialize, the temperature drops, and things seems to slow down.

Most summer weekends you’ll find a majority of the population (including the dogs) in the town square enjoying a fair or festival. The folks here are friendly – taking time to have a conversation seems to be part of the culture. Don’t be surprised if they ask about your dog or strike up a discussion about the weather.

Activities radiate out from the square, and there are a bunch of options: take a peek in the shops and galleries that surround the square, search for antiques in the shops on Cortez Street, belly up to the bar on Whiskey Row, or take a walk up the hill to Mt. Vernon Avenue and admire the Victorian architecture that has made this town famous.

Prescott's Town Square

Prescott’s Town Square

Gurly Street - Prescott, AZ

Shops and Galleries Surround the Square

Whiskey Row - Prescott, AZ

Whiskey Row

Victorian Home - Prescott, AZ

Victorian Home on Mt. Vernon Avenue

Greenway EntranceIf you’re up for something a bit more strenuous, grab your dog a snack at the Whiskers Barkery and then duck down the stairs for a walk on the greenway running through town along the creek. If you still haven’t worked up a sweat, don’t worry – Prescottonians are serious about their hiking, and thirty-five miles of a planned fifty-mile hike/bike path around the city has been completed. Still looking for more? There are 450 miles of trails in Prescott National Forest. The visitors center has handy maps that indicate the length and level of difficulty of the various trails.

We stayed at an RV park on Willow Lake and had easy access to the trails through the Granite Dells and around the lake – which made the dogs ridiculously happy.

Willow Lake - Prescott, AZ

Willow Lake

Granite Dells - Prescott, AZ

Huge Granite Boulders Surround Willow Lake

Hiking Trail - Prescott, AZ

Out for a Walk

In fact, all was dandy … until we saw him:

Rattle Snake

Our First Rattle Snake

It’s the first time we’ve seen a rattle snake! Our reaction was something like awe, with an undercurrent of terror. We gave him a wide berth, and he didn’t seem bothered at all by us – just continued making his way toward the lake.

Pet Friendly Accommodations

There are a number of pet friendly hotels in town, but for those of you with small pets, I’d choose the Hassayampa Inn. Its location can’t be beat, and it’s gorgeous!

Hassayampa Inn Lobby

Lobby at the Hassayampa Inn

Fireplace at Hassayampa Inn

Fireplace at Hassayampa Inn

Courtyard at Hassayampa Inn

Pet Friendly Courtyard at Hassayampa Inn

If you’re looking for an RV park in the area, I would also recommend the Hassayampa Inn – because the two RV parks in Prescott leave a lot to be desired.

Pet Friendly Restaurants

Prescott has a plethora of pet friendly restaurants. (Say that 5 times fast!) We loved Cuppers Coffee and Tea. The food and service were very good, but what hooked us was its charming decor and pet friendly sidewalk patio.

Cuppers Coffee House - Prescott, AZ

Cuppers Coffee and Tea

Cuppers Coffee and Tea - Prescott, AZ

Inside Cuppers Coffee and Tea

Inside Seating Area - Cuppers Coffee and Tea

Seating Area

Pet Friendly Patio at Cuppers - Prescott, AZ

Pet Friendly Sidewalk Patio

We were so taken with Prescott after our short stay that we’ve added it to our list of potential places to live!  If you’re thinking of making a trip to Prescott and you’re looking for more information, check out

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  • Love the blog! Hey, I noticed that you touted the Hassayampa Inn and when I looked at the pictures of your pets they appear to be over the 30lb limit they have listed. I have a GSD 115lbs I’d like to take with us to Prescott…any suggested places?

  • elizabeth says:

    Careful around those rattlers! The step-brother of a friend was bitten on the hand last month and did not make it. Apparently and endangered species – a Timber Rattler.

  • I’ll tell you were I’m NOT going in Prescott. The lake where Mr. Snake is!! YIKES!! I’d probably run away, screaming like a little girl instead of sticking around to take a picture.

  • Hi Y’all,

    Whooooeeee!  You’ve got me excited!  Now, if I could get my humans in gear!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  • Kim Clune says:

    I want to move there after this post! Jeez!

  • Anil says:

    It’s the moment you see a snake that you begin to realize how many are likely around in these spots going about their business. I must admit though, anytime I see one, I walk a bit more carefully for a day or two after ;)

    • I completely agree, Anil – seeing him definitely made me more aware! In fact, yesterday (nearly 3 weeks later), Ty was sniffing around a downed log and I said to Rod, “That looks like prime rattlesnake habitat!” When you’re in the west, it pays to keep snakes on your mind all the time.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the Hassayampa Inn and didn’t know it was pet friendly. That makes it even better!

    I’m excited that you’re considering moving to Arizona. Since you can pronounce “Preskitt” correctly as you mentioned on FB, you’re all set!

    Sorry about the rattlesnake, though. Glad that the boys didn’t poke their noses into the snake’s business out of curiousity.

    • The snake was really no problem. He was minding his own business and we kept the dogs well away. We took turns holding them and looking at the snake.

      If only Frankie liked the car, the Hassayampa Inn would be a perfect get-away for the two of you when the weather in Tucson gets too hot.

  • Kristine says:

    You are so good at finding the loveliest little spots that I have never heard of before.

    The first time I saw a rattlesnake I think I was ten. My father and I were hiking in Ontario and I heard it before I saw it. I remember being terrified, so terrified that I just stood in one place, too scared to move. I think I ended up walking way off the trail on the other side of the path just to get passed it. Nowadays I think I would be a lot more interested than afraid – as long as my dog wasn’t at risk!

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