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Pet Friendly RV Rental Companies

For many people, the all-American dream is seeing the country in an RV. If you’re thinking of making your next vacation a road trip – and  you want to include your pets – here’s what you’ll need to know about the pet policies at RV rental companies.

Airstream 2 Go LogoAirstream 2 Go – Has three rental locations in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Bozeman. This is the only factory-authorized source in North America to rent current model Airstream trailers, custom-matched to dedicated GMC Yukon or Chevrolet Tahoe tow vehicles. They’ll even do custom itinerary and activity planning, and have select trailers that are pet friendly.

Apollo RVApollo RV – Has four rental locations – in or near Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Denver. They allow small, well-behaved dogs and charge an additional pet fee of $200 per dog, but no additional pet deposit is required.

CampingWorldCamping World – Has 22 locations across the US. Camping World was the only company to publish a pet policy on its website, which states: Small pets are allowed at owner’s responsibility. An additional deposit of $1,000 will be charged for pets as well as a cleaning fee of $150 at the time of drop off. To clarify what they meant by “small pets,” I called a reservation representative in Salt Lake City. Good news: They’d accept 35-pound Ty and 75-pound Buster. But, each location sets their own weight limit, so that might not be the case everywhere.

Cruise AmericaCruise America – Is the behemoth of RV rentals with 136 locations in the US. There is no pet policy on the website. In a quick phone call, I discovered there are NO restrictions (number or weight), NO deposit, and a $250 cleaning fee only IF it needs to be done. So if you dog or cat sheds a lot, clean up the hair yourself and save 250 bucks.

El MonteEl Monte RV – Has 94 locations concentrated on the east and west coasts. A phone call confirmed that, like Cruise America, they impose  NO restrictions (number or weight), require NO deposit, and charge a $50 to $100 cleaning fee only IF it needs to be done.

All the companies offer several sizes of RVs and prices vary by size. Roadside assistance is also available, in case something goes wrong – though the rentals appear to be newer models and well maintained. We’re seeing a lot of these rentals on the highways, so it must be a worthwhile experience.

If you’ve never done it, RV travel (with or without pets) is an adventure. There’s a whole country out there to explore, and we’re having a blast seeing it with the boys in the Winnebago. So, what’s stopping you from giving it a try?! If you’re still unsure, check out our best tips for RVing with pets, and you’ll see there’s really nothing to it!

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