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Pet Travel Essentials: Never Leave Home Without Them

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Whether you’re running errands in your neighborhood, or embarking on a cross-country road trip, if you’re taking your dog along, there are a few essential items that should always be in your car. You just never know when a flat tire, family emergency, or unexpected opportunity might lead to a change of plans. Having a few vital things with you at all times allows you to turn on a dime and relax … knowing that all your pets’ needs will be met.

Hold on. I can hear you thinking, “Just what I need … more jetsam floating around in my car!” Hey, I get it! That’s why I love this Seat + Shoulder Bag – it keeps me organized and it can do the same for you! The various-sized pockets are perfect for holding all the bits and pieces, AND it has an insulated pouch for things that need to stay cool.

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Are you ready to roll? Alright, let’s start by gathering the following road trip essentials:

  • Pet Restraints – The most important thing to include in any pet friendly road trip is a way to restrain your pet in the car. Whether you choose a secured carrier or crate, or like us, you prefer crash-tested seat belt harnesses – making sure you all come home safely is always the first priority.
  • Water – The second most important thing you can pack for yourself and your pet is water. We always have a couple of refillable, BPA-free water bottles in the car for Ty and Buster, and a couple for us. If you get held up for any reason – especially on a hot day – not having enough water can be dangerous, so be sure to fill the bottles and stow them in the insulated pocket every time you leave.
  • Travel Bowl – Schlepping that water around isn’t going to do your pup much good if you don’t have a bowl for him! Collapsible bowls are a great choice for the car, because they tuck away neatly for storage.
  • First Aid Kit – Accidents happen, and a well-stocked first aid kit will come in handy should you or your pooch suffer a minor injury.
  • Waste Bags – Ty and Buster seem to have a knack for sensing when I don’t have a bag, and that’s the moment they choose to go! Having a healthy supply of waste bags on hand will ensure that you’re never left … holding the bag.
  • Pet WipesPre-moistened wipes are convenient for cleaning up messes of all kinds. And when you travel with dogs, there are going to be messes!
  • Food and Treats: Miss a meal and you could have a very unhappy pup on your hands! Dehydrated pet food, like The Honest Kitchen, is especially convenient because it takes up little space and, when mixed with water, helps your pet stay hydrated. And don’t forget to pack plenty of treats for rewarding for good road trip behavior. Note: If you have a dog like Ty, you’ll need to stow these in one of the zipper compartments or he’ll help himself while you’re focused on driving. **Learned from experience after an entire bag of  treats “went missing.”**
  • Medication – If your pet requires medication at a specific time of the day, it’s a good idea to have one dose with you in case you’re not able to be home on schedule.
  • Vaccination Records – Proof of vaccination is required by some dog parks, groomers, and doggy day care facilities. Keep a copy of this record in your go-bag, and you’ll never be caught without it.
  • Flashlight – Shedding additional light on the subject sometimes helps.
  • Doggy Shammy – Downpours, puddles, a spontaneous splash at the beach … Buster even fell in a lake once! Sometimes dogs get wet, and when you need to get them dry again a doggy shammy works great and packs up small.
  • Extra Leash – We always keep an extra leash on hand, just in case one of ours breaks, or we come across a lost dog who needs a little help getting back home.
  • Photos of your Pet: In case something happens and your pet gets separated from you, you can organize a quick search party if you have a photo to pass around.
  • Bells and Whistles – Not really … it’s actually piano melodies that have been specially arranged and composed to help dogs relax. Buster insists that we don’t go anywhere without his battery-operated iCalmDog music player.

As you can tell, when it comes to your pets’ well-being, being prepared can make all the difference. Before your next road trip, be sure you have all the pet travel essentials in the car and ready to go.

Are you planning a pet friendly vacation? What’s on your packing list?

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  • Excellent points, Tina! I can’t believe that I didn’t mention seat belt harnesses – they’re the most important travel essential of all. I’m going back now to modify the post to include them. And, I love the sound of your homeopathic bug repellent. Making myself and the dogs smell like Fruit Loops is almost too good to be true!

  • I use an H204K9 water bottle, it has a scoop for the lid that dogs can lap out of and can pour the rest back in the bottle. Don’t forget a harness and seatbelt clip. I also pack my homeopathic bug repellent and a washcloth to wipe it on my dog and myself. It’s made with cedar, lavendar, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils. It smells like fruit loops!

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  • Good tweezers for the bad luck someone gets a tick… I recently got a brand new hand pump sprayer ( like you would use in the garden ). I am going to fill it with water and put in the pick up. That way we can give Henri a quick rinse after we go fishing.

  • I think Alcott needs to use this pic. I had no idea this had all the pocked etc

  • I love this!! And I have the perfect bag for it, except I can’t leave treats there. Someone would destroy them. :-)

  • Don’t forget a dog seat belt or travel carrier! Maya and Pierson always buckle up when they ride in the car, even if we’re just going somewhere in town. #2 isn’t the only kind of accident that can happen when you travel with your dogs. ;)

  • Yikes! Thanks for the note, Michael – you have an excellent point. I’m off to add the stain and oder eliminator to my kit right now!

  • Michael Kirk says:

    amen to all this, except, you forgot one important thing!!My dogs are usually great in the car, BUT, i my oldest dog had a very, very, nasty accident, which got us allllll out of the car. She did #2, in a very bad way. It was awful!! Thank g-d, I had my pet stain and odor eliminator with me. I ALWAYS carry a quart or two, because you never know what they may eat, or pick up, when you’re walking them. OR, they could get sick from the sun while at the beach. Either way, make sure you bring with you, a pet odor eliminator or pet stain and odor eliminator for pee, poop, vomit, etc…

  • >