Pet Travel. Made Easy.

Pet Travel. Made Easy. – Confusion Sets In

Pet Travel. Made Easy. Man, we thought we freaking nailed that tagline.  Knocked the cover off of the ball.  Nothing but net. So go ahead – plaster it on our business cards, tee shirts, and hats … and don’t forget the Winnebago. Well, we were just plain WRONG!

With the exception of ten days in April, we’ve been on the road since March 15, driving a tad over 10,000 miles through 17 states. We’ve talked to oodles of people – business proprietors, hotel staff, campground owners, park rangers, attraction volunteers, and of course, people who travel with pets. Over all those miles, through all those states, with all those people … very few have correctly guessed what it is we do.

First, everyone believes we are driving a rental RV that just happens to have GoPetFriendly advertising splashed all over it. Umm … no … we actually paid for that baby!

As far as what we do, the number one guess is that we are transporting someone else’s pets – as in related to a family’s relocation. Next best guess is that we are, in fact, hauling every dog and cat you see on the side of the Winnebago – for what reason, I cannot possibly fathom! Another popular guess is that we’re mobile dog groomers. Honorable mentions go out to those who guess we are pet travel agents or advocates for pet welfare.

Of course we explain, and then the light bulb goes on. But isn’t that what our tagline should do?


So we’re asking for some crowdsourcing help from our wonderful readers. You know what we do (or did you think we were mobile dog groomers, too?!).

How would you put it into a tagline if it were your business? All thoughts are greatly appreciated!

  • We're doing the leg work for you

  • Roaddog says:

    That's funny! We thought “The Road Dogs” said it all, too, but lots of people thought we were a band of performing dogs traveling around :) We say don't change anything – it makes people ask about you and gives you the chance to tell them!
    The Road Dogs

  • I like Karen's suggestions:
    GPF – Fetching the best travel accomodations for you and your pet*
    GPF – Sniffing out pet friendly accomodations
    GPF – Finding Fido Friendly Lodging

    *I think I like this one the best. I think it is important to make clear that this is *human* accomodation where pets are allowed.

    My 2 cents :)

  • I like Dan's idea — the variation I had was “Making traveling with your pet easy,” but I'm thinking that his is better.

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