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Three Pet Travel Teams Taking To The Road

People and their dogs taking to the open roads of America seems to be a theme lately. In the past few weeks we’ve heard from three teams that will be starting dog friendly adventures as Spring approaches. Just in case you’re not getting your fill of vicarious pet traveling with our crew, we wanted to introduce you to a few others who may be able to help satisfy your needs.

Travels with Casey

Benoit and CaseyWhat can we learn about America through our relationship to our dogs? On Feb. 10, Benoit Denizet-Lewis will be embarking on a 15-week RV trip around the country with his 8-year-old lab-mix, Casey, to answer that question. Benoit plans to visit 30 states and hundreds of dogs, including sled dogs, show dogs, homeless dogs, therapy dogs, war dogs, hunting dogs, celebrity dogs, sad dogs, funny dogs, and family dogs whose only “job” is loving their two-legged humans. Speaking of humans, he’ll be spending time with plenty of them, too—including animal rescuers, pet psychics, dog personality researchers, dog-loving monks, and his former middle-school English teacher who is now a “pet masseuse” in San Francisco.
Benoit is a writer with The New York Times Magazine, and his adventure will culminate in a book about dogs in America. Benoit says he’s not sure if Casey is looking forward to the trip. If he’s not, he should be – he’ll be walked in national parks, pampered at doggie day spas, “communicated with” by the country’s most famous pet psychic, cheered for at a dog dock-jumping competition, and sniffed by oodles of cool dogs!
You can keep track of Benoit and Casey on their Facebook page and at Twitter handle @benoitdlewis.

Dog Walk Across America

The Seyal family – Kait, John, and their dogs, Grace and Max, are leaving in March to walk across the country. YES, you read that correctly … they’re going to walk! Starting in Lewes, DE and ending in San Francisco, CA, their goal is to raise awareness about pet therapy and animal rescue. Both Max and Grace were adopted as adults from their local rescue and have become experienced therapy dogs – so the group will be taking their show on the road at hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, along the way.

Kait and John are hoping to teach people about the amazing potential of rescue animals – pets that many consider undesirable, simply because they were unfortunate enough to have lost their home. John says, “Rescuing Max has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life, and we will spend the rest of our time together spreading our love to as many people as we can.”

Are you in need of puppy kisses? Kait and John are looking for people to walk with them, host them for a night, and coordinate therapy visits along their route. You can follow their blog to track their progress or keep in touch on their Facebook page or on Twitter at @dogblogusa.

Hike for Heroes

We have also confirmed the rumor that our pals Troy Yocum, his wife, Mareike, and their dogs Emmie, Harley, and Charity will be taking off on March 1st to continue their fundraising efforts for military families who are struggling financially. Last year the group hiked 7,000 miles across America and raised nearly half a million dollars for their cause – but they say there’s still more to be done.

Right now they’re taking part in a challenge – if they can get to 200,000 “likes” on their Facebook page, they’ll receive a $25,000 social media grant to help military families. They have about 3,500 “likes” to go, and less than 40 hours to do it. Please click over and help them out!

Hike for Heroes and GoPetFriendly

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