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Poll Results: Pet Travelers’ Nightly Hotel Budget

From the cute and clean roadside motels we happen upon, to cozy and comfortable bed and breakfasts, to the absolutely fabulous Ink48 in New York, our travels have afforded us the opportunity to investigate all kinds of pet friendly accommodations.

What we’re willing to spend for a hotel is usually determined by how long we’ll be staying. If it’s just a place to sleep overnight so we can continue on our journey the next day, we tend to be at the lower end of the range. If we’re parking the Winnebago and spending a number days exploring a city, like we did in Denver, we’re apt to spend a bit more.

That got us thinking – what price range are most pet travelers aiming for when they choose a hotel? And that led to our November pet friendly travel poll question:

When traveling with your pet, what is your hotel budget per night:

  • Less than $100 – 55%
  • From $100 to $200 – 42%
  • From $200 to $300 – 3%

The results are pretty interesting. Are the lower cost hotels most popular because of their pricing? Or is it because they are convenient – being so numerous, easy to locate along the highways, and having consistent pet policies – so little pre-planning is required? Or, perhaps it’s the economy that has people making more frugal choices. What do you think?

Regardless of your budget, we hope that you’ll support pet friendly hotels when you can … even if your pet isn’t along. And, when you check in, thank them for their pet friendly policy!

For our December pet friendly travel poll, we’re digging in a little farther and asking you to vote for your favorite budget hotel chain. We’d love to hear the reasons for your choice.

  • miriamhughes says:

    We love Red Roof Inns, not so much because of the great low fees, the wonderful quality and the fact that they allow dogs, but because they truly seem to love love love dogs and dog owners. We travel with four dogs (30, 45, 70 and 120 pounds respectively) and are always treated with a warm welcome, respect and graceful service. And of course – breakfast!

  • Peggy Frezon says:

    Affordability is always the primary factor, since we have a tight budget. Next I'd say is cleanliness for sure. I wish I had something to contribute regarding my favorite budget chain, but we haven't stayed in a hotel with our dog for a long time. I used to like Comfort Inns, but I don't know their pet policy (I bet you do!)

    • Yep, the detailed pet policies for the pet-friendly Comfort Inns can be found on the GoPetFriendly website, Peggy. Personally, I can't remember if we've ever stayed in a Comfort Inn. We'll have to check one out when we get an opportunity!

  • Michele says:

    We always look for a combination of affordability, cleanliness, and a good breakfast. For some reason, the breakfast is important to me. I like waking up, going downstairs, and starting my day with a good breakfast. I also look for friendly staff.

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