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The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip – Now Available for Preorder

Even as I type these words it’s hard to believe, but the book is nearly done!

When we kicked off The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip last year, our only goal was to visit the top pet friendly attraction in each state and have a boatload of fun along the way. Somewhere along those 15,000 miles it occurred to me that our epic tour needed to become a book so more pets could follow in our paw prints.

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip Cover Mockup |

Having never written a book before, I was blissfully unaware that transforming our adventure into a manuscript ready for publication would require almost as much time as actually completing the tour! But now that we’re approaching the finish line,  it’s been one of the most rewarding and exciting projects of my life. My hope is that this book will give our long-time followers a new way to enjoy our travels, and allows us to reach even more pet lovers and inspire them to travel with their pets.

A Token of our Appreciation

It goes without saying – but let’s say it anyway – that none of this would be possible without you! Your support over the years has allowed me to follow my passion – making it easy for people to travel with their pets. So the book needed to do more than just give information. In addition to insights and advice, it had to provide a real, tangible benefit for the people who bought it.

Brand Partners

A friend suggested adding a section to the book with coupons for products and services that would save people money on their pet friendly vacations. It was brilliant – and I’m delighted to announce we’ve partnered with these great brands to provide more than $200 in saving to you:

The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip Brand Partners |

A Special Treat

Saving people money is great and all, but we still felt like the folks who’ve been traveling vicariously with us for years deserved something special. Ty and Buster decided they’d like to sign copies of the book for their friends, so before it’s available to the general public, we’re making the book available for preorder on our website. Starting today, everyone who preorders the book will receive a copy signed by the boys, along with a little gift from us, when it’s printed!

Once the book becomes available through the publisher and on Amazon, Ty and Buster will pack away their ink pads and go back to snoozing and snacking – so don’t miss your chance to get their pawtographs! And remember that The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip will make a great gift for all the pet lovers that you love.

For more information, a sneak peek of the book, and to preorder your copy, visit

Thank you, and waggin’ trails!


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  • thank you!

  • Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your comment and giving me a chance to explain that I’ll be buying the pre-orded copies of the book and paying to have them shipped to me so the boys can sign them. Then I’ll need to purchase envelopes and re-ship them to the buyers. I totally get if it’s not worth the additional shippng and handling charges to have the dogs’ pawtigraphs, and the (unsigned) book will be available directly from the printer in a couple weeks.

  • Debbie Mahder Congratulations on the new trailer, Debbie – you guys are going to have a blast! And thanks so much. I really hope you enjoy the book. =)

  • I’m glad you commented because I meant to order it that day and I must’ve closed my browser before I did. Just ordered, can’t wait! We just bought a travel trailer so we definitely need it. Also excited to have the boys’ pawtographs <3

  • Thanks so much, Jackie! =)

  • would like to order, but 7.99 shipping for a book that can be sent media mail????? Really?? it doesnt even cost that much to send priority mail. Sorry, but im going to skip this one.

  • Congrats! Ordered my copy!

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