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Rainy Stopover in Chicago

We ran into some rainy weather in Chicago.  But that was ok because we were just planning on hanging at a great friend’s house in Evergreen Park for two days.  It serves as a reminder that you and your pets don’t need to schedule activities for every single day when you’re on the road.  Ty and Buster were dog tired after three solid days of driving and sight seeing that interrupted their normal daily routines.  Rest and fun go hand in hand when you’re traveling (and in most other of life’s activities as well).

Pet Friendly Signs - Chicago, IL

Just down the street from our friend’s house was a really nice community park – baseball and football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and children’s playground.  We approached with baited breath, Chuckit! in hand – what a great place to exercise between rain showers.  Stop.  Read.  Wait a minute!  I am confused?!

A sign tells me to leash and clean up after my pet.  OK.  Another sign says dog waste spreads disease and that cleaning up is required by law, mentioning minimum and maximum fines.  Understand and good with that.  They are kind enough to provide a poop bag dispenser and even a dedicated trash receptacle – presumably for me to dispose of my dogs’ waste while we are having fun in the park.  How accommodating!

Then the last sign: “No Dogs Allowed in Park”.   Arrgh!!!

Even being a dedicated dog owner, I am not mad at the Village of Evergreen Park.  I am mad at some people … those people … the few who do not clean up after their dogs and ruin it for the many who do.  Next time you see someone not picking up after their dog, call them on it.  Loudly.  Embarrass them into action.

Sadly, the dogs and I walked around the park.

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