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Recapping Pet Friendly Summer Travels

During the month of July, we asked our readers about their pet friendly travel plans for the summer. Here is what they had to say.

This summer, will your pet-friendly travels be:

  • Mostly long weekends – 37%
  • Mostly staycations – 28%
  • A one week vacation – 15%
  • A vacation lasting more than one week – 20%

With the exception of 10 days in April, we’ve been on the road since March 15. I believe that qualifies us for the “vacation lasting more than one week” category! You’d think in all that time, we could have circumnavigated the globe, or maybe North America. Ok, at least the United States!

But no, we only got as far south as Savannah, as far north as Niagara Falls, and as far west as Salt Lake City. There is so much more to see, but it will have to wait for our next road trip.

This week we are heading east – first to Colorado for BlogPaws and then back home to Pennsylvania to get ready for the AKC’s Meet the Breeds in New York City. News Flash! We’re the OFFICIAL PET TRAVEL WEBSITE for this event!

Now that summer is winding down … kids are going back to school … Labor Day weekend is fast approaching … how did YOU do with your pet travel plans? We’d love to hear about your most memorable pet travel moment of the summer. Please share in a comment below. Thanks!

  • Mary Haight says:

    Hey, congratulations on being chosen as the official Pet Travel Website for the AKC's Meet the Breeds!Go GoPetFriendly;-)

    • Thanks Mary! We're heading east now to get to Denver for BlogPaws and because we have to be in NYC in early October. We have a Toyota Rav 4 that is also wrapped similar to the RV. We are parking it inside the Javitts Center for Meet the Breeds.

  • michelechollow says:

    I love the bumper sticker. As a part time travel writer, I have found that most people in the northeast stay local. They may cross state lines, but they tend to drive up to 3 hours for a long weekend. 3 hours is usually the maximum amount of time people will go for a “local” vacation.

  • @littlemingo says:

    I had the greatest road trip with Mingo, my little long-haired chihuahua. I loaded up the little black convertible and the two of us took an impromptu trip to Sun Valley Idaho! It was 800 miles from San Francisco to our final destination but we had a great time as we drove. Mingo is the perfect traveling companion and with so many pet-friendly spots along the way, we had a fab trip! I will never forget that road trip!

  • Congrats on being the official pet travel website! Have a great time!

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