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Request for Guest Posts on Take Paws

Our favorite thing is traveling with the dogs. Our second favorite thing is reading about you traveling with your pets! And we love that our blog posts, along with some great guest posts, are developing into a nice collection of “what’s what” in pet friendly destinations.

Whether you want to hike, shop, lay on the beach, or wine and dine yourself silly, it’s all here. Peruse the posts in the “Destinations” category and you’ll find a spot that is perfect for you and your pets.

We’ll be getting back on the road in a few weeks to continue our research, but two people and two dogs can only travel so far and see so much.

Shar-pei on ballThat’s where you come in! We’re inviting you to submit guest posts to be published here.

Oh boy, this is going to be a doggone ball!! :-D

To get things rolling, we’ve published our invitation and suggestions for guest posters as a (**drum roll, please**)  GUEST POST … over on the BlogPaws Blog. Click over for all the details and then get out there! Whether it’s your own back yard, or a vacation across the country – your stories can help other pet travelers see the pet-friendly best of the places you visit.

  • Fun! We'll be traveling with Gus next year, so we're looking forward to the guest posts!

  • Sounds great- I look forward to reading!

  • Lifewithdogs says:

    Great idea – I know a lot of traveling pooches in our blog circles who would probably love to provide guest posts…

  • Mkm219 says:

    I travel with my pets often, and have started a blog that incorporates some of that in it. Check it out, and let me know if you need anymore guest bloggers, because I would be more than interested!

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