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Roadtrip Reflections

Sunset - Cleveland, OH

3936 miles. 2 dogs. 1 Toyota Rav 4.  Should be enough said right there!  But I want to wind up the series of of our very first GoPetFriendly roadtrip with some observations and comments about what we did and saw.  In no particular order:

  • We were constantly amazed by the incredible scenic beauty of the US & Canada.  It’s there, and you don’t have to look that hard to see it.
  • Visit-a-city pet travel requires a different mindset than see-the-country pet travel, however, patience and flexibility are necessary for both.
  • We experienced the pleasure of eating simple meals with family and friends.  Inexpensive and no reservations required.
  • Gas in Canada was equivalent to about $4.20 per gallon – much more reflective of the social and economic cost of driving than in the US.
  • Reflecting the economies of both countries, we saw many cars, trucks, boats, and campers for sale at the end of driveways.
  • Always check for ticks.  And not just on your pet.
  • Secure your pet in the car with an appropriate harness or carrier.  When your car is traveling 70 mph, so is your pet.
  • Buster and Ty each needed medical treatment.  Their vet records stored on a CD or thumb drive would have been helpful.
  • We used our database of vets and animal hospitals more than expected, and we appreciated Twitter friends for guiding us to the best choice.
  • A couple in Minneapolis recognized us from a TV interview we did in La Crosse.  We would have given autographs, if asked.
  • A Canadian friend from Guelph, Ontario saw our wrapped car when we drove through his town.  Very cool.
  • We only made one advance hotel reservation so we could be more spontaneous with our travel and less stressed about getting to a destination.
  • When you travel with your pet, you’re an ambassador for all the people who travel with their pets.
  • The feedback we’re getting is that GoPetFriendly is a great resource for people who prefer to travel with their pets.
  • The picture above is a sunrise – reflecting that GPF is just getting started … we still have a way to go … and we’re looking forward to the journey.

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