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shoo!TAG, Don’t Bother Me!

paw prints

GPF rating = 1 paw

Not too long ago, I read about the Shoo!TAG™ product. I contacted the company and asked if they would provide a sample for us to review.

Buster, our GSD, is a tick magnet. For some reason, he does not tolerate Frontline. In both times that we applied it to his coat, he got sick as a dog – vomiting and diarrhea. So we’ve been looking for some alternative solutions, and that’s why we decided to try shoo!TAG™.

Here are the product’s claims, directly from the shoo!TAG’s website.

  • If you are looking for a chemical-free way to protect your dogs, cats, and horses from pests then shoo!TAG is the right product for you.
  • shoo!TAG combines cutting-edge science and technology to produce a “green” product that emits electromagnetic frequencies to keep pests away, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals on your animals.
  • shoo!TAG is leading the way in the pest management industry while being safe for pets, people and the planet.

How does the tag work? Again from the website:

  • The key to shoo!TAG is the three dimensional electromagnetic frequency embedded in the magnetic strip. shoo!TAG combines with the body’s electrical field to produce an expanding barrier effect, keeping targeted pests away.

The tags (there is a tick tag and a flea tag) are pictured below and are marketed for pets and other animals. (There’s also a tag for people that’s supposed to repel mosquitoes.) Buster doesn’t get fleas so we only tried the tick tag.

shoo!TAG - front

Front of tag

shoo!TAG - front

Back, showing electromagnetic strips

Before putting the tag on Buster, we searched and groomed his coat to find any existing ticks. Then, per the directions, we placed the tag on his collar – electromagnetic strips facing in – for 24+ hours before we went anyplace where Buster might encounter the little buggers. Within three days after that time, we pulled two ticks out of Buster’s coat. The ticks were not engorged, implying that they were relatively new passengers. gives a blistering review of the tags and the “science” behind them. I’ll let you read and be the judge. However, this site also mentions a potential danger of the tags themselves:

  • There are reports of the tags being chewed off by pets. Mangled shards of credit card plastic (ABS) are probably not good for the digestive systems of pets, which is why this type of plastic is not normally used with chew toys. The magstrip, paint, etc. may also not be too good to chew; it is very doubtful that these materials or the tags themselves have been approved for use as chew toys.

Amy and I are separated by more than just a few years in age (I am older). Thus, she thought I should point out, perhaps for her generation of readers, that the title of this post is a playoff on the popular children’s ditty Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me! The song doesn’t really make any sense, and neither does this product. Given that this is an all or nothing product (it either works or it doesn’t) and based solely on our experience with it, I give shoo!TAG™ a rating of 1 Paw – which on our scale means Poor, this dog just won’t hunt.

To be fair, the shoo!TAG™ website lists many testimonials from satisfied customers. I noted, however, that many of the positive comments related to fleas and not to ticks.

If you’ve tried this product, I’d love to hear about your experience – especially if your results were different than ours. If I get comments from people who have had positive results I will consider writing a follow up post and, perhaps, revise my rating.

If you’re using other tick repellent solutions with success, holistic or otherwise, Buster would love to see comments about that, too!

To read GoPetFriendly’s product disclosure statement, click here.

  • I have been using Shoo Tags for 3 years on my multipoo withe great sucess.the trick is the attachment. I sew them onto his collar with the strip touching his fur..No mosquitoes, fleas or bitting ticks. I have taken off a few live ticks but they do not bite him.This product is great and beats the poison of Advantis and other similar products.

  • Thanks for sharing, Linda – we’ll look into that!

  • Great and effective flea/tick collars from; go to their website:; been in business 25 years and the products WORK! You can call them and ask any questions.

  • We gave Shoo TAG a try since it’s less expensive than the AniBio Tic Clips we’ve used in the past Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. While we’ve had great success with the Tic Clip, the Shoo TAG has proven useless in our battle with fleas (we’ve not seen any ticks so maybe it’s better against ticks). I’m not experiementing any longer. Time to order a new Tic Clip. Shoo TAGs can go shoo in my book.

  • Gunsmokestables says:

    I see that all of the people on here do not like this product. I tried this too and it worked for my Golden.. Last fall he was coming home with many ticks and I decided to give this product a try. I was very skeptical because I try not to get taken in by things that sound too good. Anyway, after a couple of days of him wearing these tags, the ticks had mostly disappeared. he’d still get one here and there but I would say that it was about 95% effective. I truly was in shock. I really did not believe it could work. Then just this Spring the ticks were crawling on him again. He had scabs all over his head where I pulled them off. So i changed and put on the new set of tags and within a few days the ticks left him alone. Again, not 100% of the time but better than nothing and certainly better than using chemicals.

    • Hi! I’m so glad that you had a positive experience with this product. I’m so glad that the ticks are so much better. I agree that chemicals are not the way to go. I wish this product had worked better for us.

  • I am sorry to hear that, though I am not surprised. This is a product where you have to wonder how it got to market and why people continue to buy it.

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