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Shooting From The Hip

I have a confession to make … I’ve been looking at peoples’ fanny packs with an envious eye. I know, I know – I’m not even close to the age that makes wearing a fanny pack okay. (Is there any age that makes wearing fanny packs okay?) And I am notorious for looking scornfully at the fashion inept that don these poor excuses for a tote bag – but, I’m also fed up with walking around with my pockets bulging! Keys, wallet, glasses or sun glasses, cell phone, chap stick, business cards, poop bags, dog treats – honestly, it’s a little ridiculous.

And, yes, I know there are other options to consider before stooping to one of the biggest fashion faux pas known to man, and believe me – I have! A small backpack would work, but the contents are hard to access when you’re on the go. I could carry a purse, but they always slide off my shoulders, and I find that more annoying than having my pockets packed. A cross-body shoulder bag would be the logical choice, except that the strap runs right across the logo we’ve paid good money to have ensconced on every t-shirt that goes on my body.

Bayliss BagSo, you see, I was preparing myself to cross over to the dark side. And then a spontaneous trip to REI (thanks @JRichardsPhoto) changed everything. I saw it hanging there … **que the angel chorus** … the OverLand Equipment Bayliss hip/shoulder bag. It has three compartments, two with zippers and one with a magnetic closure. There are slots for credit cards, a fleece-lined pocket for the cell phone, an organizer for pens and business cards, a clip for my keys, and plenty of room for dog treats and poop bags. The exterior is made of ballistic nylon, so dog slobber wipes right off – and (it just keeps getting better) it comes in GoPetFriendly green!

I absolutely love it, and I’m convinced that this little bag makes me hip. If you disagree, don’t bother expressing your opinion. The dissenting viewpoint has already been presented and was promptly dismissed.

Amy with hip bag 1Amy with hip bag 2Amy with hip pack

The only suggestion I have for OverLand Equipment – please make the adjustable strap a few inches shorter. I’ve had to tie a knot in mine to keep it on my hips.

What’s the piece of travel gear you just won’t leave the house without?

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  • Melissa says:

    That’s really great, I’ve been thinking of getting a fanny pack!  I just might have to look into ordering one.  I just wish it came in a more neutral color, but you can’t have everything.

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