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Pet Friendly Saint Charles, Illinois

In pet friendly Saint Charles, Illinois, a love of pets is in the air! During our recent visit, we got the red carpet treatment from Jenny O’Brien and Molly of the Saint Charles Illinois Convention & Visitors Bureau. (Molly is a Yorkipoo and the city’s pet travel specialist.) Jenny and Molly were both eager to show us the pet friendly amenities Saint Charles offers – and we were not disappointed.

Saint Charles Dog Parks

We started our tour with a visit to the West Side Community Dog Park (corner of Campton Hills and Peck Roads). The 3/4 acre fenced park has agility equipment, separate play areas for small and large dogs, and its own fresh water supply.

Not to be outdone, the East Side Sports Complex (2N300 Kirk Road) is located on the other side of town. This slightly larger fenced in dog park has a play area for small dogs and access to a pond. Both parks are open from 9am to dusk, weather permitting.

Off-leash Dog Park - Jasper, AB

Just watching Buster fetch makes me tired! -Ty

Shopping at Geneva Commons

Next, we headed over to the pet friendly Geneva Commons outdoor shopping center. There’s a great coffee shop that welcomes pets at the outdoor seating area.

St. Charles, IL

L to R: Jenny, Molly, Ty, Amy & Buster

While you’re there, saunter over to Wet Nose, a self-described “designer pawtique for the health and well being of our 4-legged friends.” If they don’t have it, you don’t need it!

St. Charles, IL

This store was decorated to the K-nines!

A Walk in Pottawatomie Park

Later, we took a walk in Pottawatomie Park along the Fox River. Within walking distance of Main Street, this 92 acre site has plenty of places to play with your pooch. And keep in mind that the daily paddlewheel riverboat cruises (operating from May to mid-October) are pet friendly!

View from pet friendly Pottawatomie Park in Saint Charles, Illinios

View from the foot bridge crossing the river.

Pet Friendly Saint Charles Community Events

Our day ended with a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Lincoln Park. It was wonderful to see the large number of families that showed up – a testament to the community’s neighborliness and civic pride.

Pet friendly lighting ceremony in Saint Charles, Illinois


We could tell you so much more about pet friendly Saint Charles, but it more fun for your to see it on your own.



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  • Dusty says:

    I'm glad to hear about the pet friendly atmosphere. My husband and I are considering a move to St. Charles, Il (or surrounding area Batavia or Geneva) but we recently inherited a dog (former owner had a stroke so she is no longer capable of caring for him) so I was concerned how it would be with a dog in house. We currently live in Netherland where they don't have a pooper scooper law (wish they did, too many pairs of shoes have been ruined by constantly washing them off) but they do have special dog run areas. There's a park not far from us that has a great big dog run that is fenced in so the dogs can run freely without any worry of them running into the street. There's also a pond for the dogs to jump and play in. Needless to say, with such a big move I've been concerned about how it will affect the dog and was really concerned he wouldn't have any place to go to socialize or play with other dogs. He loves to play, he loves being petted, he's a cute dog. Thanks for the great info. It helps put my mind at ease that the move will also be good for the dog too.

    • Dusty – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE KIND WORDS! Your last two sentences are exactly why we started GoPetFriendly. After all, it's all about the pets!

      PS – Very nice of you to take in the dog to begin with. I am imagining you have a very kind soul :)

  • Rebecca says:

    hahahahahah….you mean that fabulous shot of Brotherly Love I got?

  • Rebecca says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I would go there just to see Wet Nose :)

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