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Starting Another Road Trip

The Arch in St. Louis

We’ve been at our house in the Poconos for 10 days now and have cabin fever. We tilled our gardens, filed our taxes, canceled our cable TV (yes, really!), did the laundry, and got haircuts. We scrubbed the inside and outside of the Winnebago, but didn’t clean the house. We’ve got itchy travel paws.

Our 4-week jaunt in the RV proved to be a pretty relaxing shakedown cruise (aside from my kidney stone). I learned to drive again (I was the navigator on all of our previous road trips). The four of us were pretty comfortable (dare I say cozy) in what many might consider cramped quarters. We prepared most of our meals in our own kitchen(ette). And sleeping in the bed over the cab is like finally getting the bunk bed I never had as a kid. When we rebalanced our provisions, we got rid of more stuff than we added.

So today we’re heading back out on what I am sure will be our longest road trip thus far – meaning we’ll travel over 5,000 miles and be gone for eight weeks or more. Actually, the truth is we have no set time to return “home.” And “home” is an interesting concept now. We’ve either simplified, automated, or eliminated so much of the chaos in our lives that there is no need to be “home.” But if “home is where the heart is,” the motorhome has captured all four of ours.

Our first stop this weekend will be an interview in Sandy Hook, NJ with Robbin and Joseph Everett of The Pet Podcast Channel, We’ll be talking about our lives and lifestyles, including how we travel with Ty and Buster. On Sunday, GoPetFriendly is planning an event for our friends and fans at the Trenton Thunder’s 4th annual Bark at the Park. If you’re interested in joining us, the details are here.

Starting Monday, our trip begins in earnest. We’re planning to spend about a week at the Finger Lakes in New York. Then we’re heading south and west to meet up with family in St. Louis. As we previously reported there is much to see and do in St. Louis, and we found it to be a very pet friendly city.

After that, we’re not sure. The Arch pictured above is the Gateway to the West. We’re hoping to drive in that direction, crossing the mid-western states and then up to the Pacific Northwest. There’s so much of this part of country we haven’t seen.  Anyway, that’s “the plan.” While we realize our way of life isn’t for everyone, we feel incredibly blessed to be doing this.

  • michelechollow says:

    You are living the dream. Didn't know about your kidney stone. Hope you are okay now. You and Amy are really having a great adventure, and you know that a good part of the adventure is getting there.

  • Anil says:

    Looking forward to seeing where you guys end up! I'll be in the US in May/June bouncing around a bit myself and hopefully we'll cross paths! I'll let you know as soon as I know things for sure, I'm very last minute!

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  • EdieJ says:

    Congratulations on your bold move — I mean canceling cable, of course! Seriously, it sounds like you're really enjoying your great adventure. Happy tails!

    • That is too funny! Forgot all about the cable thing! We do have a TV in the Winnebago … and if we happen to stay at a campground that has a cable hookup … we're all set. Otherwise, not missing it too much.

  • Have fun on the road! Wish I could be doing the same!!

  • Excellent, the PNW includes Victoria, BC.

    Did the stone pass? Not fun, I KNOW!

    See you soon! =)

    • Have only ever been to Seattle (twice for a 2 days each time) – that's my PNW experience. Looking forward to seeing Vancouver … I'm sure we'll get to Victoria. Counting on you to organize a huge raw food/pet travel meet up!

      PS – I am still with stone.

  • Robert says:

    Glad you are feeling better from the Kidney stone! Ouch!

    Looks like a new and exciting trip starting up – can't wait to read your blog posts! Hope to see yall soon in Minnesota :-)

    Enjoy the interviews and seeing your family. Give Ty and Buster a Big Hug from all of us over here!

    • Not sure weather to call this one a trip, or the start of a new way of life (a new normal). Am sure we'll be hitting Minnesota … either on the way out or the way back. Not sure if I mentioned that Amy has family in Minneapolis and Pine City.

  • Okay- somehow I missed that you had a kidney stone. To state the obvious: THAT SUCKS. My friend of mine (who is breast feeding right now I might add) is going through that right now. Nightmare.

    Enjoy getting back on the road & good luck on your interview!

  • Sounds like a lot of fun! Any plans in the NYC area?

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