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Stumbling Upon a Dog-Friendly Park in Chicago

As we wound down our road trip, we ventured into Chicago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Duh … CROWDED! Walking the sidewalks was like running a gauntlet.

We were only able to navigate Michigan Avenue with Ty and Buster for a short time. The upside – we discovered that Eddie Bauer is pet friendly!

Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL

Hey, that’s not the dog section Dad is shopping in!

We headed over to the lake front, one of our favorite places to walk when in Chicago. We thought we knew downtown Chicago pretty well – we’ve visited MANY times, and Amy lived there for a few years. But tucked in between the intersection of Grand & Streeter and Ohio Street Beach, we stumbled upon the Medal of Honor, Milton L. Olive III Park. While there are many peaceful parks in Chicago to peruse with your pooch, put this one on your list to check out and enjoy!

Olive Park - Chicago, IL

The park is large and offers some spectacular views of the lake front.

Olive Park - Chicago, IL

A deserted Ohio Street beach

Olive Park - Chicago, IL

We’ll take a condo here …

Olive Park - Chicago, IL

or here – we’re not (that) picky.

And Navy Pier is in the background.

Olive Park - Chicago, IL

Ty: (snicker) “Buster gets sick on the ferris wheel.”


We finally made it back to Chicago. Read about our most recent paws-on-the-ground research now!

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  • Hi Karlin! It sounds like you have a great trip in the works. Unfortunately, most of the beaches in that area do not allow pets. Montrose Dog Beach is an option, but it’s not walking distance and would require a vet visit and special tag. You can find out more about it here:…/I hope that helps and that you all have a great trip!

  • Hi! Wonderful page:) Our family is traveling to Chicago in July with our Lab. I know the kids want to hang out on the beach a lot and I am trying to find out if it is ok to bring your dog on a leash to the beaches in central Chicago. We will stay close to Navy Pier and Ohio street breach e.g. Thanks if you can bring clarity:)

  • amber says:

    nice buster gets sick on the ferris wheel ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Jason says:

    Olive Park is a great dog park! The locals actually let their dogs off leash sometimes SSSSHHHHHHHH! If you can bear the Chicago snow, Olive Park is great for offleash dogs. A wonderful dog park!

    • Rod Burkert says:

      Thanks for the affirmation that Olive Park really is a great place to take your dog! We did see some dogs playing off leash on Ohio Street beach (not really part of the park) and, as you walk into Olive Park, on the right all the way in the back grassy area. Everyone was having fun.

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