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That’s How We Roll: Ty’s Stroller

That's How We Roll: Dog Stroller |**This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support.

They say there’s nothing sweeter than the love of an old dog, and we’re finding out just how true that is. With Buster turning 10 in May and Ty’s 13th birthday just around the corner, we’re doubly blessed. And, as hard as it is to watch their youth slipping away, it’s an honor to care for our boys as they age.

Years ago we recognized that traveling with our senior dogs would require us to adjust for their changing needs. Planning shorter walks, choosing flatter hikes, and making sure they got a day or two of rest between outings are some of the small modifications we’ve made over the years to keep Ty and Buster comfortable and happy.

At some point, though, the small changes aren’t enough and you have to decide if you’re going to make some major modifications to your lifestyle or opt for an investment that will allow your dog to continue to enjoy your adventures. That moment arrived for us this spring when Ty wasn’t able to match his brother’s speed and endurance on walks.

At the time, we were only a couple of months into the Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip, and we had some big adventures lined up that none of us wanted to miss! Even with his mobility challenges, it was clear that Ty still enjoyed being out and about – so it was up to us to find a way to make that happen.

That's How We Roll: Ty's Stroller |

The reason Ty is moving more slowly could be due to diminished vision – being cautious is a good idea when you’re not able to see obstacles in the path. It might also be that he has some discomfort from arthritis, despite the medication and supplements he’s taking to provide relief. Or it could be both or neither of these reasons – unfortunately, he can’t tell us. But regardless of the cause, it became clear a few months ago that keeping up our normal pace wasn’t going to be possible if we didn’t find a way to accommodate Ty.

We considered all the options – except leaving him behind … that was never an alternative – and decided that a pet stroller was the best solution for us. After consulting family and friends to get their input on the ins-and-outs of strollers, we chose the Turbo Pet Jogger from ibiyaya.

That's How We Roll: Ty's Stroller |

The long wheel base and rubber tires allow this stroller to go everywhere we want to take it. A few weeks ago we even pushed it to the top of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest! It’s sturdy, but not too heavy for me to lift into our rooftop cargo carrier, and it has a basket underneath to carry the dogs’ water bottles and collapsable bowl. At about 30 pounds, Ty just fits in the bed, and the zippered panel on the front gives him a little more room to stretch his paws when he lays down. The design makes it comfortable for me (at 5 feet, 2 inches) to push – I’m not bending over putting stress on my lower back or hitting my shins on the bar that sets the brake. And the rubberized handlebar and beverage tray are added touches that we appreciate.

My only complaint is that when Ty is sitting at the back of the bed, the stroller feels like it might tip backwards. Fortunately, he prefers to lay down when he’s riding, so it hasn’t been much of an issue. Assembly was easy, but we needed to fill the tires before we could use it and on occasion since then. Most people probably have a bicycle tire pump, but we didn’t. Luckily, we found a mini bike pump that works well and stows in the cargo carrier with the stroller.

Getting Ty acclimated to his new wheels took no time at all! The stroller has two short straps with clips that attach perfectly to his No Pull Freedom Harness from 2 Hounds Design and keep him from jumping or falling out. With his well-earned reputation as a couch potato, Ty quickly came to the conclusion that having a stroller was the best thing that ever happened to him and settled in to enjoy the rides.

We’ve put a lot of miles on Ty’s stroller since it arrived in mid-April. From the Florida beach, to Acadia National Park in Maine, it’s made all the difference for us! We’re no longer trying to guess how far Ty will be comfortable walking before we take off on a trail or set out to explore a city. Ty simply walks until he’s tired, then we put him in the stroller and continue on.

That's How We Roll: Ty's Stroller | Maine's Top Pet Friendly Attraction: Acadia National Park |

At first I felt a little ridiculous pushing our dog around in a stroller, but it’s allowing us to continue enjoying the sights together, and Ty’s so happy. He loves going out for walks now – probably more than he did when he was actually walking – and we’re constantly getting comments about how cute he is in his stroller. Given the distance his little legs have covered over the past 12+ years, he’s earned the right to ride in style. Perhaps your pup or kitty would like an Ibiyaya pet stroller, too!

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  • Hi Sandy! Thanks so much – I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the book. =)And we’ve found this strolle to be great for us. We certainly gave it a work out on the road trip last year – covering many miles and different terrains. I will say that it does not go very well in sand, but the large rubber tires are great on trails, paths, and sidewalks (which is where we spend most of our time). And Ty is very comfortable in the stroller. His favorite part is that he can now combine walks with naptime! I hope it works out well for you, too. Waggin’ trails!

  • I have a French bulldog who stretches out as far as possibe. He’s 2 yoa but can overheat quickly. We need a stroller for trails, sand and streets of all kinds. We want him with us as much as possible. Is the suspension good? And comfy for our boy? Love the book Amy!!Sandy [email protected]

  • Yeah, Ty’s kind of a little peanut, Angela. And I’m so glad the website is helping you plan your pet friendly travels – it’s never as much fun without the furry ones along. Waggin’ trails to you and Laney!

  • Ty is only 30lbs?! Wow, my Laney is a chunk. I wondered how he transitioned to the stroller – so glad he loves it! I’ve enjoyed reading about your pet friendly travels! I try to always plan my vacations so my dogs can go as well. After all, they are my family!

  • Thanks Maggie! We’d do anything for these dogs. <3

  • I really love this. He’s so cute and happy, so it’s worth it through and through! In hindsight, I wish we would’ve done something similar for Emmett. I’m so glad this is working so well for everyone!

  • Exactly, Tracie! I don’t care how silly I look as long as Ty’s happy. And we get so many comments about how cute he is in his stroller – apparently people care more about him enjoying his stroll than how goofy I look pushing him around. =)

  • Oh Barbara, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s always so difficult when they pass, and I hope the memories of the happy times you had together help to heal your broken heart. It truly is a love story – a beautiful one that makes us into better people, and takes a piece of us when they go. Thank you for your wishes – we’re doing our best to enjoy every day we have with our boys.

  • Honestly, I think Ty’s wondering why we didn’t do this YEARS ago, Edie. He would have been more than happy to be strolled around his whole life! ;-)

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