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Is It Safe To Leave The Dogs In The RV?

That's How We Roll: Leaving the DogsThere are a million things to love about living full-time in an RV, but there are also a few disadvantages. We ran into one of the major obstacles when Rod’s son and his fiancé announced they were getting married in Jamaica. Don’t get me wrong – we’re delighted for Paul and Chrissy, and any reason to go to Jamaica is a good one!

The issue is, with our nomadic lifestyle, we don’t have a regular pet sitter who Ty and Buster know and who is familiar with the boys’ issues. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s not a problem for us – we’re all about pet travel, after all. But what happens when you absolutely cannot take the dogs with you?

I floated that question out to the Universe nine months ago, and just a few short days later the response arrived. Our dear friends said the boys could stay with them – and honestly, the situation couldn’t be better!

First of all, Ty and Buster got to know Kim and Tim a couple years ago, because we stayed with them for a month when they blew up our motorhome. Secondly, they operate a dog rescue in New York, so they’re both intimately familiar with the special needs of fearful dogs. Third, our new RV fits perfectly in their driveway – so the boys can stay at home, where they’re most comfortable.

Itasca Meridian at the Clune's House

We arrived last week to to get everyone reacquainted and give the boys some time to settle in. Now the big day has arrived – as you’re reading this post we’re on our way to the sun and sand in Montego Bay!

We’re not a bit worried about the boys. We have them all stocked up on food, treats, and toys. And, when they’re ready to sniff the sites, chase a ball, sprawl out on their cozy Alcott blankets to work on their tans, or lounge in the shade, they have this gorgeous, fenced dog yard at their disposal. It’s the perfect K9 resort!

Dog yard at Kim and Tim's DSC01449 Dog yard at Kim and Tim's Dog yard at Kim and Tim's

We were even able to park the motorhome so our door lines up perfectly with the side entrance to the dog yard. We’ve added a folding gate as an extra precaution so the boys can’t dash off when they’re going back and forth between the two.

Dog yard at Kim and Tim's Dog yard at Kim and Tim's

We’re super-lucky to have such great friends, who happen to live in the idyllic location to pet sit for our dogs. We’ll be missing Ty and Buster like crazy, but we know that they’re in the best hands and will probably be having as much fun as we are for the next few days.

So, we’re off for some rest, relaxation, and fun. We hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend – we’ll see you next week!

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  • We did – thanks so much Jodi!

  • Sounds perfect, hope you had a good time~~

  • Thank you, Leo! We all had a fantastic time and the stay seems far to short, but we’ll be moving on tomorrow … if I can get Ty and Buster to go! =D

  • They do pretty much live the life, don’t they Edie? ;-)

  • Exactly, Lisa! And there’s a lot to be said for that. Leaving the dogs and then worrying about them the whole time wouldn’t be much of a vacation.

  • We’re really lucky to have such great friends who happen to live in the ideal location, Shirley! The boys had a fantastic time – I don’t think they missed us at all.

  • Thanks Maggie! We had a great time – and so did the boys!

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