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Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free

With pet travel on the rise, many pet friendly hotels are rolling out the red carpet for our four-legged companions. While some accommodations impose exorbitant fees for bringing your pet along, others have taken a truly pet-friendly approach.  Today we’re celebrating the pet friendly hotel chains were pets are welcome to stay for free.

Buster and Ty from relaxing in a pet-friendly hotel where pets stay free


Aloft Hotels

Aloft hotels are part of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts family, and 104 of their 169 North American properties are pet friendly. Through their “arf” program, Aloft provide canine guests with treats and a special bed, bowls, and toys for use during their stay.

Aloft Hotels Pet Policy: 104 pet friendly properties in major cities across North America. Policies vary slightly by location, so contact the hotel before booking. Most allow two dogs per room at no additional cost, with a 40 pound weight restriction. Guests with larger dogs and other types of pets are encouraged to contact the hotel directly for a waiver.

Aloft Hotel - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!'s The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip book is now available

Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton Hotel chain is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, and is known for its animal attraction. Every one of their 67 hotels across the United States welcomes furry, feathery, and scaly family members.

Kimpton goes the extra mile to be sure pet guests enjoy their stay with special amenities like comfy pet beds, bowls, treats at check in, and pet friendly yappy hour wine receptions in the evening. Some locations even have a Directors of Pet Relations on staff to give you and your travel buddy a tail-wagging welcome!

Kimpton Hotel Pet Policy: 67 properties in 37 cities across the country, with more coming soon. No additional fees and no restrictions on the number, size, breed, or weight of the pet. View the Kimpton Pet Policy.

Ink 48 in New York - a Kimpton Hotel. One of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


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La Quinta Hotels

With nearly 900 hotels flying the La Quinta flag across North America, you’re never far from a pet friendly place to stay. Located along major highways and in towns and cities, this chain provides moderately priced, consistently pleasant accommodations.

While most La Quintas welcome cats and dogs, there are some La Quinta hotels that do not allow pets:

  • Brooklyn Downtown, NY
  • Central Park, NY
  • Dallas – Richardson, TX
  • Florence, KY
  • Inglewood,  CA
  • Los Angeles LAX Airport, CA
  • New York City Central Park, NY
  • Plano-Legacy-Frisco, TX
  • Queens, NY
  • San Antonio Medical Center, TX
  • White Plains – Elmsford, NY

La Quinta Pet Policy: 870 properties along major highways and in cities and towns across North America. Two pets (cats and dogs) are welcome per room. Beginning January 1, 2019, some La Quinta hotels have instituted a pet fee of $20 for a one-night stay and $40 for a stay of two nights or more. Because the policy is so new, the number of properties now charging pet fees is not available. Please call to verify pet policies before making your reservation. View La Quinta’s Pet Policy.

LaQuinta Hotel - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


Motel 6

Motel 6 is the largest owned and operated motel chain, with approximately 1,200 properties throughout the US and Canada. Their rooms are some of the most affordable you’ll find, and every location is pet friendly.

The rooms tend to be basic, but the price is right!

Motel 6 Pet Policy: 1,200 properties across the US and Canada. Motel 6 allows two per room with no restrictions on size of pets and does not charge additional fees. (The Studio 6 branded hotels charge a $10 per night pet fee, up to $75.)  View the Motel 6 Pet Policy.

Motel 6 - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


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Small kitty sleeping on a pillow

Red Roof Inns

Red Roof Inns take pet-friendly travel to a new level – not only do they not charge additional pet fees – they’ll give you a 10% discount when you bring your pet along! Their more than 500 locations provide economical accommodations across the U.S., and most* welcome one dog or cat is welcome per room.

*Due to specific circumstances, the Oxon Hill, MD and Queensboro, NY locations cannot accept pets.

Red Roof Inns Pet Policy: More than 500 properties in 36 states. One cat or dog weighing 80 pounds or less is welcome per room with no additional fees. Tell them your pet will be joining you and receive a discount on your stay! View the Red Roof Inn Pet Policy.

Red Roof Inn - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!

Virgin Hotels

New on the scene, the Virgin Hotel currently has locations in Chicago and San Francisco, with more on the way! The staff at pet friendly hotels are self-professed fans of fuzz, and canine guests will find the accommodations every bit as welcoming as their humans. Dogs are provided a bed, food and water bowls, treats, and a stylish bandana.

Keep your nose to the ground, because they’re expanding to Nashville, New York, Dallas, Palm Springs, Silicon Valley, New Orleans, Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas soon.

Virgin Hotels Pet Policy: 2 properties with 8 additional locations coming soon. Dog and cats are welcome, with no breed or weight restrictions, no size limits, and no additional fees. View the Virgin Hotel Pet Policy.

Virgin Hotel in Chicago, IL - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


All that’s left to do now is pack and hit the road! Waggin’ trails!!

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  • Gary Woolery says:

    There should be a law that says you can not exclude pets unless you exclude children, and if you charge for pets you must charge for children.

  • Virginia Hernandez says:


    I’m looking to travel with my pet. Any hotel suggestions in San Diego ,CA near the dog beach?

    • Amy at says:

      Hi Virginia! San Diego is one of the few places we’ve stayed in a hotel with the dogs. We loved the Hotel Palomar, but any of the Kimpton hotels are a great option. Enjoy your trip!

  • Cletus P says:

    Drury claims to be pet friendly of course for $35. a night they most would be.

    • Amy at says:

      Thanks so much for your note, Cletus! I have found the Drury chain to be accommodating, even with our large dog, but they do charge a fee. Hopefully this post will help you find some options that are more budget friendly. Safe travels!

      • Sharon says:

        We have stayed at drury inn for 10 years; about 4 times a year. We were loyal. Last time there, we paid $158 per night! This is not acceptable and we will not be staying there any longer.

        • Amy at says:

          Thanks so much for your note, Sharon! I completely understand your concern about the cost of the hotel. I also tend to choose more economically priced options when we stay in hotels – especially for short stays. And paying over $150 per night would definitely get my attention. But, if “less expensive” hotels are charging $20 per pet, per night – which is not unusual – that adds $40 per day to my stay! We’re sometimes better off staying at a higher quality hotel with a slightly higher per night rate because their pet fees are less, they include breakfast with your stay, they provide free parking, or they have more appealing amenities. I hope you’re able to find a good alternative for your next trip!

    • Stan says:

      Which is why they are not included in this “pets stay free” article!!

  • Pet owner says:

    Stayed at the Roswell La Quinta last night. 20 dollar pet fee for one night with one pet. May 2019

  • Glenn says:

    Last time with LaQuinta. To bad Greed has taken over.

    • Amy at says:

      Hi Glenn! I was really sorry to see them change their policy, too. It was so nice to have a hotel with so many locations that you knew you could count on. Hopefully someone else steps up to meet the needs of pet travelers!

    • Pet Mom says:

      The La Quinta chain was purchased by Wyndham. Tragic!

      • Amy at says:

        Yes, it’s unfortunate in that some of the locations will now be charging a pet fee. It was so wonderful when you could just count on all of the La Quinta to welcome pets with no fees.

      • Saraa220 says:

        Always stay at La Quinta in Orlando. Just returned from there today. Has gone downhill. Will not be going back. Need to find a new pet friendly hotel in Orlando.

        • Amy at says:

          I’m so sorry to hear that, Sara! Fortunately, there are a lot of great pet friendly hotels to choose from in Orlando. I hope the website helps you locate one that’s perfect for your and your pet!

  • Tanya says:

    This is not true!! I’m staying at a Motel 6 currently and they do charge pet fees!!

    • Amy at says:

      I’m surprised to hear that, Tanya! I’d recommend calling their corporate customer service number and reporting the situation. The location you’re at is apparently violating the corporate-wide policy of not charging a pet fee.

    • Stan says:

      I travel from south Carolina to Oakland ca and back annually, using motel6. Never charged a fee, which is why I stay there.

      • Amy at says:

        Hi Stan! Yes, the Motel 6 hotels are usually conveniently located for a one-night stay. I’m glad they’re working for you!

  • Brandon says:

    I have stayed at red roof many times with my dog and never heard about any discounts!! Also, they charge for more then one pet.

    • Amy at says:

      Hi Brandon! Thanks for your note. It’s possible that you need to ask for the pet discount, but it’s usually right on their website. Right now they’ve increased the discount to 15% for National Pets Month. Here’s a link:

      And thank you for the information about the charge for multiple pets. I was under the impression that most of their locations only allowed one pet per room. It seems, as long as the fee if reasonable, it’s still a good option for people traveling with pets.

      • Jason says:

        Red roof depends on if it is corporate or privately owned I have stayed with 2 dogs no fees and was told at another one dog per room so I would suggest call ahead at red roof

  • Helo says:

    Wish more hotels and accommodations would follow these trend to accommodate more pet owners.

    • Amy at says:

      I agree, Helo. There are so many people who travel with their pets, and we love the hotel chains that go out of their way to make it easy.

  • M.J. says:

    Tonight is the first I knew about La Quinta charging a pet fee. I have been in four La Qs in the last week and a half. The first three did not charge for a pet but the one in Wytheville,Va. Told me that they have to charge $20 because Wyndom requires it. That’s so not true. Wyndom allows, not requires this fee. I have been going out of my way to to use La Quinta because of their pet policy. Never again. I guess I’ll try Red Roof next.

    • Amy at says:

      I’m sorry you were taken by surprise, M.J. Yes, despite what management told you, Wyndham is not requiring La Quintas to charge pet fees – just giving them the option to do so if they choose. It’s difficult right now, because they’re not telling us which hotels are charging fees and which aren’t, so we haven’t been able to update the pet policies on our website.

      If you’re looking for a consistent pet policy from location to location, Red Roof or Kimpton hotels are your best bet. Neither chain charges a fee for pets. Safe travels!

    • Tater says:

      I’m just finding out that La Quinta’s are starting to charge for pets. I am (was) an Elite member before Wyndham and have used La Quinta’s for years, all over the U.S. I will start looking elsewhere for no fee pet hotels.

      • Amy at says:

        Yes, Tater, I’m sorry to say that some of the La Quinta’s have started charging pet fees. I still having been able to get information on how many of their locations have implemented this new policy, but I definitely recommend calling ahead and confirming the pet policy before making your reservations. Safe travels to you!

      • Pet Mom says:

        The loss of La Quinta as an option is heartbreaking. Because of the LQ pet policy, I was a loyal customer for over 20 years. Not anymore. To me, it seems traveling with pets is getting harder, not easier.

        • Amy at says:

          The loss of La Quinta as a reliable option does make finding pet friendly hotels a bit more difficult. But we hope that the expanding number of restaurants, attractions, campgrounds, and vacation properties that welcome pets is making pet travel easier overall.

  • Maui says:

    La Quinta is no longer a pet fee free hotel. We have been a loyal customer for 6 years, and we travel a lot with our 2 senior poms. Today is our first trip for this Month and was flabbergasted to find I have to pay $20 pet fee. I am not very happy and won’t be staying at any La Quinta nor any Wyndham hotels.

    • Amy at says:

      Thanks for your note, Maui. Yes, some La Quinta properties are charging pet fees after being purchased by Wyndham. I’m sorry that you were taken by surprise. We’ve gotten reports from other travelers that some La Quinta locations are not charging pet fees – but it’s up to each property to decide. We wish you happy travels!

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