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Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free

With pet travel on the rise, many pet friendly hotels are rolling out the red carpet for our four-legged companions. While some accommodations impose exorbitant fees for bringing your pet along, others have taken a truly pet-friendly approach.  Today we’re celebrating the pet friendly hotel chains were pets are welcome to stay for free.

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Pet Friendly Hotels Without Pet Fees

Aloft Hotels

Aloft hotels are part of the Marriott family, and most of their North American properties are pet friendly. Policies vary slightly by location, so contact the hotel before booking. Through their Arf ® (animals are fun) program, Aloft provide canine guests with beds, bowls, and complimentary treats and toys.

Aloft Hotels Pet Policy: 134 pet friendly properties in major cities across North America. Most locations allow two dogs under 40 pounds per room at no additional cost. Guests with larger dogs and other types of pets are encouraged to contact the hotel directly for a waiver.

View the Aloft Pet Policy

Aloft Hotel - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!

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Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton Hotel chain is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, and is known for its animal attraction. Every one of their hotels welcomes furry, feathery, and scaly family members with special amenities like comfy pet beds, bowls, treats at check in, and pet friendly “yappy hour” receptions in the evening. Some locations even have a Directors of Pet Relations on staff to give you and your travel buddy a tail-wagging welcome!

Kimpton Hotel Pet Policy: 60 properties in 34 cities across North America. Kimpton welcome all pets with no additional fees regardless of their size, breed, or weight and puts no restriction on the number of pets.

View the Kimpton Pet Policy

Ink 48 in New York - a Kimpton Hotel. One of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


Motel 6

Motel 6 was the first national pet friendly hotel chain, welcoming pets since 1962. With a focus on providing affordable, “no frills” accommodations, the quality of the rooms at Motel 6 can be inconsistent, and brand’s popularity has suffered. If you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive, pet friendly hotel room, you’ll almost always find a Motel 6 nearby.

Motel 6 Pet Policy: 1,400+ properties across the US and Canada. Motel 6 allows two dogs or cats per room with a combined weight of 150 pounds or less and does not charge additional fees. (The affiliated Studio 6 hotels charge a $10 per night pet fee, up to $75.)

View the Motel 6 Pet Policy

Motel 6 - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


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Red Roof Inns

Red Roof Inns take pet friendly travel to a new level. Not only do they not charge additional pet fees – they’ll give you a 10% discount when you bring your pet along! Under the Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, and the Red Collection brands, the chain provides an economical option for pet travelers.

Red Roof Inns Pet Policy: 500+ properties in 36 states. Red Roof allows one cat or dog per room with no pet fees, though fees might be charged for additional pets. At Red Roof Inn and Red Roof PLUS+, pets must weigh 80 pounds or less. At the Red Collections, pet must weigh 40 pounds or less.

*Due to specific circumstances, the Oxon Hill, MD and Queensboro, NY locations cannot accept pets.

View the Red Roof Inn Pet Policy

Red Roof Inn - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


Virgin Hotels

New on the pet friendly hotel scene, the Virgin Hotel currently has locations in Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and San Francisco with more on the way! The staff at Virgin admit to being fans of fuzz, and canine guests will find the accommodations every bit as welcoming as their humans. Dogs are provided a bed, bowls, treats, and a stylish bandana.

Virgin Hotels Pet Policy: 4 properties with Las Vegas opening later this year. Virgin welcomes dogs with no breed or size restrictions and no additional fees.

Keep your nose to the ground, because they’re expanding to Las Vegas (Fall 2020), New York, Palm Springs, New Orleans, and Miami.

View the Virgin Hotel Pet Policy

Virgin Hotel in Chicago, IL - one of the pet-friendly hotel chains where pets stay free!


What About La Quinta?

Experienced pet travelers might be surprised that La Quinta hotels are not included in this list of pet friendly hotels where pets stay free. Welcoming up to two dogs or cats per room, La Quinta was the most popular pet friendly hotel chain for years. But, in 2018, the chain was purchased by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. Shortly thereafter, many La Quinta locations began charging a pet free of $20 per night with a maximum of $40 per stay per room. Before making your reservation, please call the hotel directly to verify its pet policy.

View La Quinta’s Pet Policy


Now that you’ve got the scoop on all of the pet friendly hotel chains where pets stay free, all that’s left to is pack a bag and hit the road! Waggin’ trails!!

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  • Jessamyn Stinchfield says:

    We’ve stayed at LaQuintas across the country for 5 years with our two pit mixes, who are well behaved and love the hotels. After Wyndham bought out LaQuinta and others, there were suddenly pet fees at some, not all, hotels. After the first one, which I didn’t notice till we were headed down the road, I questioned each one. If there was a fee, I informed them that I was no longer loyal to that chain and would be looking elsewhere. It’s not the clerk’s fault, they feel bad too, and no fee was charged where I was a “squeaky wheel”.

    • Amy at says:

      Thanks so much for your note, Jessamyn! I’m so grateful that you mention that this is not the staff’s fault. They just have to pass on the bad news. And good for you for speaking up – I’m glad that worked out in your favor. Safe travels!

  • brian James says:

    I stayed at the Wyndom Travel Lodge in Palm Springs, Ca, and they didnt charge for my 2 smaller dogs

  • Toni says:

    Becareful with Holiday Inn. There is a pet rate listed on their website and then you get to the hotel and they charge you another $25/night/pet on top of the extra per night rate.
    Ripping off the consumer again!

  • Suzie B says:

    We stayed at LaQuinta in Elkhart, Indiana in April 2019 and didn’t have a pet fee. We come back in October and we’re charged a pet fee of $20, $40 for 2nd dog, but she’s a service dog. Plus the new pet policy says they can’t be left alone in the room. Ridiculous rule because the dogs aren’t allowed in the breakfast area. I think we’re done being loyal LaQuinta guests. Plus the parking lot was bare in the evening.

  • Pet owner says:

    Stayed at the Roswell La Quinta last night. 20 dollar pet fee for one night with one pet. May 2019

  • Tanya says:

    This is not true!! I’m staying at a Motel 6 currently and they do charge pet fees!!

    • Amy at says:

      I’m surprised to hear that, Tanya! I’d recommend calling their corporate customer service number and reporting the situation. The location you’re at is apparently violating the corporate-wide policy of not charging a pet fee.

    • Stan says:

      I travel from south Carolina to Oakland ca and back annually, using motel6. Never charged a fee, which is why I stay there.

  • Brandon says:

    I have stayed at red roof many times with my dog and never heard about any discounts!! Also, they charge for more then one pet.

    • Amy at says:

      Hi Brandon! Thanks for your note. It’s possible that you need to ask for the pet discount, but it’s usually right on their website. Right now they’ve increased the discount to 15% for National Pets Month. Here’s a link:

      And thank you for the information about the charge for multiple pets. I was under the impression that most of their locations only allowed one pet per room. It seems, as long as the fee if reasonable, it’s still a good option for people traveling with pets.

      • Jason says:

        Red roof depends on if it is corporate or privately owned I have stayed with 2 dogs no fees and was told at another one dog per room so I would suggest call ahead at red roof

  • M.J. says:

    Tonight is the first I knew about La Quinta charging a pet fee. I have been in four La Qs in the last week and a half. The first three did not charge for a pet but the one in Wytheville,Va. Told me that they have to charge $20 because Wyndom requires it. That’s so not true. Wyndom allows, not requires this fee. I have been going out of my way to to use La Quinta because of their pet policy. Never again. I guess I’ll try Red Roof next.

    • Amy at says:

      I’m sorry you were taken by surprise, M.J. Yes, despite what management told you, Wyndham is not requiring La Quintas to charge pet fees – just giving them the option to do so if they choose. It’s difficult right now, because they’re not telling us which hotels are charging fees and which aren’t, so we haven’t been able to update the pet policies on our website.

      If you’re looking for a consistent pet policy from location to location, Red Roof or Kimpton hotels are your best bet. Neither chain charges a fee for pets. Safe travels!

    • Tater says:

      I’m just finding out that La Quinta’s are starting to charge for pets. I am (was) an Elite member before Wyndham and have used La Quinta’s for years, all over the U.S. I will start looking elsewhere for no fee pet hotels.

      • Amy at says:

        Yes, Tater, I’m sorry to say that some of the La Quinta’s have started charging pet fees. I still having been able to get information on how many of their locations have implemented this new policy, but I definitely recommend calling ahead and confirming the pet policy before making your reservations. Safe travels to you!

  • Ella says:

    I had the same experience and was really disappointed. I think I will also go to another hotel. I have 37,000 points at La Quinta, but I will now look for a new hotel.

  • Julie Newell says:

    We always stayed at La Quinta because pets stayed free, until now. We decided to check some Red Roof hotels for a trip, but we are finding many only allow one dog. How would we decide which one gets to go? Only kidding :(

    • Amy at says:

      I get it, Julie! For right now, my suggestion is to call the La Quintas to see if they are charging a pet fee. If they are, check with the Red Roof and see if they will make an exception and allow more pets. I know it’s a pain – but it’s still better than staying home!

      • Julie Newell says:

        We booked a road trip to St. Augustine and will be staying at a Quality Inn (part of Wyndam. I believe many hotel chains now are part of Wyndam.) I checked before booking and it will be $15 per night and not per dog for three nights.

        • Amy at says:

          Hi Julie! Thanks so much for letting us know. That seems like a very reasonable pet fee, and I hope you all have a great time in St. Augustine! Waggin’ trails!

      • atagal says:

        We just booked for the La Quinta at Terrell, TX and they will not charge for our dog. Yay!

  • >