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The Best Dog Leash Ever

While passing through Louisville, KY we stopped at The Trail Store. It’s a dog friendly hiking/camping outfitter located in a cool shopping village in the suburb of Westport. They had a section devoted to pet gear – most of it made by Ruff Wear.

We bought two of Ruff Wear’s Just-a-Cinch leashes that have a built-in collar for $19.95 each. Full disclosure: This is not a paid product review. I am writing this because we just stumbled upon the product and love it! Check it out.

Here are the features, from handle to collar:

  1. The 8.5″ loop handle is padded.
  2. You can attach a poop bag holder to an opening in the fabric where the handle joins the leash.
  3. The 6′ leash is made of 10-millimeter rugged climbing rope with reflective strands woven in for better visibility at night.
  4. A friction tab allows you to adjust the tightness of the slip collar.
  5. The slip collar will fit every size dog.

You may recall that our dogs still have a way to go when it comes to being poster pups for well-behaved travel companions. One of their issues is pulling on the leash, which we are working to correct with positive training (treats and praise). Because the Just-a-Cinch slip collar can be adjusted with the friction tab, it allows us to position the collar high up on the neck, giving us much more control. While Ty and Buster are still not perfect, they pull a lot less.

There are two changes we’d like to see in the leash: #1 – The leash is a tad too long for us. A 4′ leash would be perfect.  #2 – Ad a swivel. Our dogs are moving around, especially when only one of us is walking both of them. A swivel where the handle joins the leash would be cool.

And by the way … there is a great benefit to shopping at The Trail Store. The cafe INSIDE the store is pet friendly, too … WOOF!

  • Patty says:

    I am  dog trainer and owner of 3 dogs. This is the only leash I use!! I also board dogs and no matter what kind of leash the dogs come with I use the cinch leash. I have walked up to 5 dogs at a time this way. Love it!!

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