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The Fifth Paw – Carry Dog Waste Hands-Free

It never fails … in fact, I’m beginning to think they do it on purpose. Ty and Buster seem to have a knack for finding the furthest point from the trash receptacle to do their business. That leaves me juggling two leashes and two bags of waste – not to mention the odd beverage, wallet, keys, or flashlight – all while attempting to dispense treats for good doggy behavior. Given my lack of grace, it’s downright dangerous and leaves me wishing for a third hand … or a fifth paw.

The Fifth PawA few weeks ago, a company called The Fifth Paw contacted me to try their new hands-free waste bag carrier. Typically, I’m not an early adopter, but they claimed their gadget would make walking the dogs safer and easier. How did they know about my clumsiness? Anyway, it’s worth a shot, right? Besides, if you’re committed enough to coordinate delivery while we high-tail it around the country, the least I can do is to put your product through it’s paces.

The package arrived one afternoon and I quickly set about installing it. The Fifth Paw is designed to be attached to a 1″ wide, flat leash, and since Buster’s is made from reclaimed climbing rope, Ty’s leash got the new accoutrement.

The Installation

Attaching it to the leash took just a few steps:

1. Unscrew the holding ring and separate the three parts.
The Fifth Paw

2. Slip the white holding ring and the orange rotating ring on to the leash.
The Fifth Paw

3. There are two slots in the main body – one for thinner and one for thicker leashes. Shimmy your leash into one of the slots.

The Fifth Paw The Fifth Paw

4. Slip the orange rotating ring over the main body and then use the white holding ring to screw it all back together. That’s it!
The Fifth Paw

 The Test Run

It’s always safer to let your spouse take any new device for the inaugural spin … just in case something goes bad. Sooooooo, I gave Rod a quick introduction to the Fifth Paw and then sent him out to walk the boys while I held my breath. He returned without incident – success!

The rotating orange ring has three clamps for waste bags – just tie a knot at the top of the bag, slip it into the clamp, and it will be held in place. Or you could use a clamp to carry your keys, extra bags, or a small flashlight.

The Fifth Paw

The Fifth Paw was tested with a Great Dane, so it will hold even the heaviest waste bags securely and we’ve found it to be especially convenient on hikes, when carrying a full bag of poo for miles up the trail is your only other option.

Disclosure: I was compensated for writing and publishing this informational post about The Fifth Paw and received the product for free. For more information see our policies and disclosures.

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  • Excellent point, Sue! I wonder if it’s because people are taking their pets out in public more and more, so we have a greater need to make picking up after them more convenient.

  • Yes – this is perfect for pro dog walkers! You can get them on Amazon and they’re $15. Here’s a link:…/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl…

  • Sue Muir says:

    What a great idea! I wonder why nobody thought of something like this long ago, necessity being the mother of invention and all that, lol!

  • Wow!! Just what I need being a professional dog walker, how much are they & where can I get one?

  • No kidding, Julie! This would be a “must have” for a dog walker.

  • You know how it goes in an RV, Carrie – if we’re going to make room for it, it’s gotta be good. =)

  • Ha! Where was this when I was a dog walker? I used to tie a knot in the leash and slide the bag in there! Very cool :)

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