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The Good News And The Bad News

The Good News

Chloe JeanetteIt’s been an exciting week for us … Rod and I were blessed with a new niece on Sunday night when my sister, her husband and their daughter welcomed Chloe Jeanette to the family. She’s the picture of perfection, and came just in time to share an April 1st birthday with her grandpa and great-grandpa. Momma and baby are doing great and were released from the hospital on Monday night.

We were at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky when we got the good news and made the two hour drive on Monday to meet the baby. My parents, though they had an eight-hour drive, beat us to the hospital. They said they were so excited that they barely slept and were on the road by 5am on Monday morning. No matter how excited I am – getting my boys on the road by 5am will never happen.

There are a nice selection of pet friendly hotels close to my sister’s house and having a little extra room for the dogs to stretch out is always nice, so we decided on a two-room suite and settled in for a couple of days. The location was convenient since we knew my dad would be trucking me from the hotel to the house and back while Rod stayed with the dogs, and it was also close to the hospital, which turned out to be advantageous.

The Bad News

EmergencyAfter dinner on Monday night Rod came back to the hotel and I went over the the house to help get my older niece into bed. I got back to the room about 9:30 and Rod wasn’t feeling well. He’s had some bouts with kidney stones over the years and it seemed one was flaring up a bit. By Tuesday morning he was in serious pain and it quickly became clear a trip to emergency was going to be necessary.

Fortunately, the hotel was accommodating and allowed us to leave Buster and Ty unattended in the room because it was way too hot for them to be left in the Winnebago. After moving their beds into our room and turning on the TV they were quite content. I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and left my cell number with the front desk – just in case.

Less than 12 hours after my sister and Chloe were released, my dad and I were whisking Rod into the hospital. They put him on intravenous fluids and pain medication to make him comfortable enough to get a CAT scan. As we suspected, the scan revealed a kidney stone making it’s way from Rod’s kidney to his bladder. The doctor prescribed a pain medication, antibiotic, and anti-nausea medication and suggested we stay close by until the stone passed.

I’d love to report where we are in the process, but it’s a bit hard to know. This morning Rod woke up feeling great. We thought he might be ready to roll … but an hour later the discomfort was back in force. He took his pain medication, which makes him tired, and now he’s sleeping on the sofa.

We’re playing things by ear – extending our hotel stay one day at a time and anticipating the best. If we need it, the hospital is just minutes away, but we’re hoping to be on our way without making another stop there.

On the positive side … I have had the chance to make short visits over to my sister’s to see the baby! There’s a silver lining in every cloud.

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  • I’ve been out of the loop… sorry I’m so late on this! Sending lots of good thought your way and hope Rod is feeling better.

  • I’m a little late to the party, but congrats on the new baby niece!! She is precious! I hope Rod is feeling much better now . .kidney stones – YIKES!!!

  • YIKES! Kidney stones are no fun at all! Pass my get well soon wishes to Rod.

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