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The Haters

Say I’m an incompetent dolt or a heartless bastard and it won’t even register. Why? Because, I know that those things are not true about me.

However, suggest that I’m not doing what best for my dogs, and you’re under my skin.

I know that there are haters out there. Some people think it’s insane to include your pets in your vacation plans. Others find dining with your dog utterly revolting. And they can be pretty acidic when expressing themselves. If you travel with your pets, you’re likely to run into them too.

The email I received yesterday was from a man who believes “there is nothing pet friendly about traveling with dogs/pets in RVs.” Further, he’s convinced that we are abusing Buster and Ty by cramming them into a small RV with us. He actually likened their current living arrangements to indentured servitude – asserting that we’re selfishly using the dogs to further our travel blog business.

He went on about how they only get outside to experience fresh air for a few minutes each day, and mentioned that we were endangering their lives by leaving them in alone in the RV without air conditioning or proper ventilation.

Those last two bits are completely untrue – and thus I find them only slightly annoying. So, why does the accusation that Buster and Ty are traveling with us against their will bother me?

It’s because, when it comes to the dogs, I can only hope to guess what they’d choose for themselves. Buster and Ty are not capable of having dreams and aspirations – much less  sitting down and talking to me about them. So I’m left guessing, and because I’m guessing, I’m vulnerable to second guessing. Some guy come along with his opinion of what’s better for my dogs – even though he knows nothing about us – and I’m in a tail spin for two days.

Would the dogs enjoy a big yard they could play in every day? I imagine so.

Am I certain they had a blast cavorting on the beach in Florida, exploring the streets of Austin, and hiking the canyons in Utah? YOU BETCHA!

I picture the fun we’ll have this summer in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia and I realize that life is full of trade-offs. We’ve all given up some creature comforts to embark on this adventure. I can only hope that Buster and Ty would agree that it’s been worth it.

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  • Mine love to ride! That person sounds like a miserable twit who knows NOTHING at all about dogs. Poor,pitiful them. I love your blog!

  • Maricia_ludan says:

    When I read/hear nasty comments like that, I usually feel pity for that person because he/she has not discovered the countless joy and numerous benefits of traveling with “furry” family members. Keep up the great work!

  • Dogs are pack animals.  We are their pack (and, hopefully, most of us are their pack leaders because that is what they really crave).  Granted, Siberian Huskies were bred by the Chukchi Indians, a nomadic tribe, but the dogs thoroughly enjoy going out on adventures.  While they are happy curled up on the couch with us at home, I can see the joy on their faces when we take off in the Jeep or RV for some traveling fun.  They are not stressed by it and clearly have fun.

    So ignore the comment and keep doing what they have fun doing – being with you on your adventures.

    P.S. – We are also people with lots of room for the dogs to run.  They will run and play as long as we are out there, but the second we go inside, they want inside.

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