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The Honest Kitchen Rewards Program

Times are tough. We’re all looking to save a few dollars where we can – including stuff we buy for our pets!

Did you know that The Honest Kitchen rewards you for buying their pet food? Yep! You can earn free gifts on purchases of any box of Honest Kitchen food made online or from their retailers. How cool is that?! Here’s the scoop …


All you have to do is cut out the perforated UPC / lot codes strip located on the top of Honest Kitchen pet food boxes. Save the strips and redeem them at any of the following point levels.

40 Points
Earn a FREE Honest Kitchen tee shirt worth $16. Choose from the several styles shown here.

80 Points
Earn a FREE 4 lb box of Honest Kitchen dog or cat food of your choice. If you wish, you can also redeem at your favorite local store. (Up to $43 value.)

120 Points
Earn a FREE 10 lb box of Honest Kitchen dog food of your choice. If you wish, you can redeem at your favorite local store. (Up to $82 value.)


The food boxes qualifying for point redemptions are the 2, 3, 4 7, or 10 lb boxes of dog or cat food.

A 7 or 10 lb box of food is worth 10 points.
A 2, 3, or 4 lb box of food is worth 5 points.

Sorry, travel size or sample packets, supplements, or treats don’t accumulate points.

You can also earn 20 bonus points if you sign up for The Honest Kitchen newsletter! (You didn’t hear it from me.)


Once you have enough UPC codes just mail them in along with this Submission Form to:

The Honest Kitchen, Inc. – Attn: Customer Reward – 145 14th Street – San Diego, CA 92101

For more details, click here.

Disclosure: The Honest Kitchen is a sponsor of GoPetFriendly, much to the droolight of Ty and Buster.

  • Melspetpals says:

    Thank you for telling me this!!!! I had no idea. Kicking myself for throwing one box away already. Will get the other one today. You guys rock! But, you probably already knew that. :)

  • Now I'm totally annoyed that I threw my box away last week, and a 10 pounder, too! :(

  • blanket says:

    yay! Honest Kitchen, great idea!

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