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The Most Important Factor When Choosing a Pet Friendly Hotel

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I am writing this post in Louisville, Kentucky – still heading toward the BlogPaws gathering in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. So far we’ve traveled about 2,200 miles over 22 days. We’re not setting any land speed records in our Winnebago, but we are enjoying the ride. And we’re staying in touch with our readers.

Our January poll question asked where people stay when they travel with their pet – 73% said in a pet friendly hotel. Many considerations figure into the selection of that hotel, and we wanted to find out what was most important to you. So here are the results of our March poll:

What is your most important consideration when choosing a pet friendly hotel?

  • Low or no pet fees – 40%
  • Number of pets, weight or breed restrictions – 33%
  • Pet friendly amenities – 19%
  • Nearby pet friendly attractions – 8%

You will be happy to know that the detailed pet policies at GoPetFriendly include the first three criteria, saving you research time. Below is an example of one of those pet policies – listing fees, restrictions, and amenities – that was gathered by calling the hotels directly. Also, you can make side-by-side policy comparisons of different pet friendly hotels to help with your decision.

And while nearby pet friendly attractions were last on the list of considerations when selecting a hotel, we imagine they become a lot more important once you’ve arrived at your destination. Happy pet travels!

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  • EmilyS says:

    my biggest peeve is motels that call themselves “pet friendly” but then have ridiculous per day/per pet fees and/or huge nonrefundable cleaning fees. I think a small fee for the extra cleaning they should (but probably dont) do is appropriate, but otherwise, it's a rip off, and a sign that they don't really want pets.

    • I understand and agree with some of what you say. What we have found in our travels, for the most part, is that “ridiculous” pet fees relate mostly to certain pet amenities provided by the hotel that you may or may not place a high value on. Examples of these amenities include beds, treats, bowls, room service menus, etc. With few exceptions, we have not run into huge, nonrefundable cleaning fees – $10 to $25 per night or per stay seems to be the norm. And you're right – if you do run into these huge cleaning fees, it's a sign the hotel is pet tolerant, not pet friendly.

      • EmilyS says:

        heh, I guess I'm cheap… I consider $10/night to be HIGH. $10 per stay would be ok. Lots of the Super8's charge $10/night/per pet.. that's a trend I'm seeing more of, too. I think the motel6's are marginal as places to stay, but at least they don't charge!

  • Good info! See you at BlogPaws!

  • Enjoy the rest of your trip to BlogPaws! I look forward to hearing about it!

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