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Things You Never Think About

Living in the Winnebago has been pretty easy. During the past year we’ve visited the dealer for our regular maintenance, plus three additional trips to get new tires, replace the inverter, and repair the generator. All in all, that’s pretty reasonable considering this is our home and our only vehicle.

However, after living in here full-time for a year (yep, next week will be the 1st anniversary of this craziness) some things are beginning to wear out and need replacement. First on the list is our mattress!

Master Bedroom in the Winnebago

Rod and I sleep over the cab. Rod says it the bunk bed his parents wouldn’t let him have as a kid.

Master Bedroom in the Winnebago

It’s covered with sheets in this picture, but the mattress is made of foam – like Tempurpedic, only cheap. It has a mattress cover and tilts up on hinges so you can get into the cab without cracking your head on the bed. All that translates into, “this is not going to be a simple trip to the mattress store.”

Reason for Replacement

As I mentioned, the mattress is made of cheap foam (not inexpensive – cheap) and has worn out. How do I know it’s worn out? Sleeping on it with Rod in like having side-by-side hammocks. The dents where we normally lay are so deep that I swear I can feel the frame underneath. Rod says I’m making that up … I think he’s just not as sensitive as me. Remember, it was the PRINCESS that could feel the pea beneath her mattress … not a PRINCE.

Always an Adventure

Where does one find a new custom mattress? When I have a question like this, I usually start with the Skinny Winnie Owner’s forum. Surely someone has already found the perfect replacement, right?

What I learned is that we sleep on a bed considered by most people to be suitable only for additional storage! The slightly-larger-than-a-twin size, proximity to the ceiling, and need to use the ladder to get up and down have apparently driven other folks to sleep on the sofa.

Bed Sizes

After some good-hearted teasing about how we must be newlyweds, a compassionate soul suggested I locate an upholstery supply store. Luckily, there is one just a few miles away here in Austin.

Why, Oh Why, Did I Forget My Camera?

This week we visited Capital City Upholstery to see if they could help us. Not only can they order a piece of foam large enough for our mattress, they had several options – in different thicknesses, and they can cut it into the custom shape we need!

Gabriel, the gentleman assisting us, was super and decided that to choose a mattress, you really should lay on it. So, out to the warehouse we went and he pulled out a bunch of options to try. It must have looked hilarious …

“Do you like the firm foam, or the soft foam better?”

“I think this one has better lumbar support.”

I really wish I’d have thought to take my camera along.

Decision Made

We’ve decided on the 20 year foam – it has the longest projected useful life of the foams we tried, and we agreed it was the most comfortable. At about $200 bucks, it’s a lot less expensive than a Tempurpedic, and we should have it by the end of next week … just in time to start Year 2 of this crazy ride.

Who would have thought that replacing a mattress could be so much fun? It’s just one more benefit of living in an RV.

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  • we camp in upstate NY in a hand-me-down camper from the ’70s. and we definitely wanted a new mattress, but had the same $$ issue with the foam. so I feel your pain. we actually wound up using the cushions from the fold-down table that we used to sleep on in a previous camper to make up our mattress in the “new” camper. three of them to be exact. and it sort of worked out to be the size of a full bed in the sense that a fitted sheet would hold the cushions together enough that you only sometimes fell between the cushions. :-)

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