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Three Boys and A Girl in 110 Square Feet

Just to be clear, this is not a rant. Honestly. I love living in this little RV with my three boys. Each of us has our own personality, and watching the three male members of my family conflict, conspire, and (eventually) cooperate, is a constant source of entertainment.

The boys at Independence Pass - Aspen, CO

The Boys!

But, why should I have all the fun? Today I’m inviting you to have a peek inside a typical day with the guys of GoPetFriendly.

1. Rise and shine …

Rod: It’s 6 am – time to start another day.
Buster: Oh, thank Dog you’re awake! What took you so long?
Ty: Uh, guys … it’s still dark out.

2. Breakfast time …

Rod: Must have coffee … and 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes.
Buster: One order of Force, please.
Ty: Got pancakes?

 Making breakfast in the Winnebago

3. Let’s go for a walk …

Rod: Okay boys, I’ve got a 2.8326-mile course laid out on my map.
Buster: Only 2.8 miles? That’s just a warm up.
Ty: Would anyone mind if I sat this one out?

Hiking with the dogs - Jackson, WY4. Cleanliness is next to dogliness …

Rod: Time for baths.
Buster: Are you gonna use the Zoom Grooms? Huh, are ya?
Ty: Grrrrrr. I just had a bath last year.

5. We leave our campsite better than we found it …

Rod: Let’s police our campsite before we get going.
Buster: Police! Sounds like a job for a German Shepherd!
Ty: Police? Oh crap! Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.

6. On the road again …

Rod: Head ’em up and move ’em out! We should’ve left 6 minutes ago.
Buster: Boring!
Ty: Finally – nap time!

Winnebago - On the Road7. Pit stop …

Rod: Hey – no one needs to go until I need to go.
Buster: Expect a big puddle in the RV.
Ty: Nothing is more important than my beauty rest.

8. Well, we do need gas …

Rod: OMD – we’re down to half a tank! MUST FIND DIESEL NOW!
Buster: Oh boy, we’re stopping! I’m so excited! I don’t know why, but I am.
Ty: Huh? Gas? It wasn’t me ...

9. And a man’s gotta eat …

Rod: Amy, are there any pet friendly restaurants nearby?
Buster: Maybe we’ll get french fries from mom if we sit really nice?!
Ty: Sit nice? Forgetaboutit! I’m counting on the cuteness factor.

Eating Out With The Boys10. You can’t drive all day …

Rod: Amy, any nearby RV resorts that are pet friendly? Maybe one with cable TV?
Buster: How about a state park? Lotsa hiking trails.
Ty: The Kimpton has Yappy Hour, room service, and doggie beds. I’m just sayin’ …

11. Our fans adore us …

Rod: Hey, are there any Twitter followers or Facebook fans we could meet up with?
Buster: Whoo-hoo! It’s puparazzi time!
Ty: Is there gonna be food? Fans - Minneapolis, MN12. Dinner time …

Rod: We’ve gotta find a way to get more protein in this meal.
Buster: I’m good with Force. Can you move it along?
Ty: Got steak?

13. Alright, it’s time to make the donuts …

Rod: Calls to return, emails to answer, blog posts to write.
Buster: Bor – ring!
Ty: Donuts? We’re having donuts!?!

14. The end of another great day …

Rod: Another long day of pet travel in the books. Nighty night boys.
Buster: Not even tired. Besides, K9 Cops is on late night TV!
Ty: Zzzzzzz.

Sleepy Ty

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