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Three Layers of Pet Safety

We’ve been a little distracted this week. Our good friend, Mel, is experiencing one of the worst things that can happen to a pet owner … her dog, Lady is lost. We can’t stop thinking of them and are glued to Facebook hoping for an update. If you are anywhere near St. Paul, MN, please read this post about Lady and what you can do to help find her.

The outpouring of support for Mel and Lady has been wonderful, because we all recognize that we could find ourselves in the same situation some day. Rather than imagine the fear and helplessness I’d feel if one of the boys were lost, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to make Ty and Buster safer. Losing you pet would be a nightmare, but with some planning we can increase the chances that we’d get our pets back safe and sound.

Engraved Dog Tags

The importance of up-to-date ID tags for your pet is something we’ve talked about before. Just before taking off on our pet friendly road trip we bought new dog tags for the boys and them engraved with their names, medical conditions, prescription dosages, and our cell phone numbers.

I’m sure Mel has a very similar tag for Lady. The problem is, Lady got frightened and slipped her collar just before she ran away. She’s out there with no visible form of identification.

In a situation like this, quick response and blanketing the neighborhood with information is vital. Mel is in her hometown and has a wonderful network of volunteers helping her find Lady. For us, traveling full-time means that we’re seldom close to our friends and family, and if one of the dogs were to go missing we’d likely be on our own looking for them. That’s where these nifty little tags from blanketID can help. Not only are they adorable, they offer several advantages over the engraved tags.

blanketID Provides A Virtual Network

1. The tags are lightweight, scratch resistant, waterproof, and come in a fun variety of colors and patterns.

2. Each tag has a specific ID number that is linked to an online account with your pet’s profile. Allergies, medications, distinguishing characteristics, and any other details you’d want someone who finds your pet to know, are stored along with your contact information. And, it’s a cinch to update your account online if you move or change phone numbers – no need to buy a new tag!

3. North American customers get added benefit of the blanketID lost pet broadcast. When you notify blanketID  that your pet is missing, they automatically email the SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, and blanketID members in the area where your pet was last seen. The email includes your pet’s picture and a link to their online profile, so people will know what your pet looks like and can identify them … even without their collar or tags.

Buster - Lost Poster4. blanketID also automatically generates lost pet posters with your contact information, your best friend’s picture and all their important details. When time is of the essence, all you’d need to do is print them out and start papering the neighborhood.

5. Finally, for every blanketID tag registered, money goes to the Blanket Fund for Animals. blanketID started this program to provide animals with life saving treatment, medication and loving homes. And just this year blanketID introduced the Funds Forever Program, allowing any company, retailer or organization to design their own blanketID tag and designate the animal charity to receive the donations.

After reading about Lady, I finally took the time to set up Ty and Buster’s blanketID profiles. It only took a few minutes and the hardest part was figuring out which of their photos to use. Each blanketID tag costs $24.99 and includes your first year’s membership. After that, the annual renewal is as little at $7.

Microchip Identification

The accountant in us likes to make sure we have all of our bases covered, so Ty and Buster also have microchips – little electronic devices about the size of a grain of rice – embedded just under their skin between their shoulder blades. Most shelters and veterinarians have a scanning device, and if the boys were lost without their collars, this would be one way of identifying them. Any time we we change phone numbers, email, or mailing addresses, we make sure to update our contact information with the company that monitors the chips. Though it’s not as convenient as the online updating available with blanketID, it’s another layer of security for the dogs.

The microchips also come with a tag for your dog’s collar. It has the phone number of the monitoring company as well as the unique identification number assigned to your dog’s device. I put this on their collars so that if they boys were found, the person could call the monitoring company immediately and provide them with the microchip number – no need to take the dog to a facility with a microchip scanner.

Nothing is more important than keeping Ty and Buster safe, and that’s why they’ll now be wearing three tags – their engraved dog tags, their microchip tags, and their fancy new blanketID tags. I think with that combination we’ve done all we can to cover any lost dog scenario and give us the best chance of getting the boys back safely.

Enter To Win

In hopes of keeping one more pet safe, we’re giving away one blanketID tag to a lucky reader! To enter to win, please leave a comment below telling us a little about your furry friend. Be sure to include your email address in the comment form – that’s how we’ll contact the winner. And, to find out more about blanketID visit their Facebook page and their website.

Contest Rules

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Disclosure: We were given three blanketID tags for free. We did not receive payment for this review, and the opinions expressed here are my honest assessment of the product based on our personal experience using it.

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