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Heading Out: Cleveland, OH

Yesterday, we embarked on our first official road trip.  We’re headed to Thunder Bay, Ontario – located on the northwest shore of spectacular Lake Superior.  Roundtrip: 3500 miles, 24 days, 2 dogs.  And we are so excited to be traveling with our pets to make it easier for you to travel with yours! in Du Bois, PA

The first day was a dog leg right on Interstate 80 from the Poconos Mountains to Mayfield Heights, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, OH.  We took about 7 1/2 hours to travel 360 miles.  This included a really nice lunch break at the Du Bois Diner in Du Bois, PA.  They have a pet friendly outdoor, covered dining area and provided ice water and dog treats for the boys (the food looked so good, we decided to eat off the people menu).  Just across the parking lot (I’m talking 20-25 yards away) are several grassy ballfields where we played Chuckit.  Ty and Buster slept the rest of the trip – mission accomplished!

We are staying at the Baymont Inn & Suites for two nights.  The room is pretty basic, but it’s clean and convenient to tomorrow’s planned activities.  The hotel is next to a nice residential enclave that made it convenient and safe to walk the dogs.  However, there were no pet friendly restaurants in the immediate area, so we got groceries from a nearby store and ate in our room.  Note:  eating for us is somewhat of a challenge – not only do we have Ty and Buster, Amy and I are pretty much vegetarians.

I leave you with some great hotel room advice from Cesar Millan we tried on out trip:

Claim your new space. Now you are ready to go to your hotel room. Enter first. Get the dog to stay where he is. Don’t let him wander around or he’ll assume control of the situation. While you are unpacking, showering, or making phone calls, he is waiting. The only one who should move in the environment is you–until you are ready, then you initiate activity. It’s important that your scent is everywhere before the dog settles in.