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Tom Bihn Treat Bag: Best Pet Travel Gear of 2012

Best Pet Travel Gear 2012 BadgeWelcome to day two of the first annual Best Pet Travel Gear awards!

As we mentioned yesterday, RVing full-time with Ty and Buster has given us a serious case of GAS – gear addiction syndrome. We can’t resist anything that might make traveling with the boys easier and more fun. Some things we love, some we don’t. And some have become absolute necessities.

What kinds of products trip our trigger? The ones that are easy to use, durable, a good value for the money, and somehow improve our pet travel experience. It takes a lot to survive the “Ty and Buster treatment” and we’ve put these products through the ringer.

To celebrate the last unofficial week of summer we’re hosting a pet travel gear extravaganza! Every day this week we’ll announce another recipient of our Best Pet Travel Gear 2012 award – and give you the chance to win! Today we’re singing the praises of the Tom Bihn Treat Bag.

Tom Bihn Treat Bag 1Tom Bihn Treat Bag

Traveling with the dogs means they’re constantly in new situations and environments – and that means the training never ends. For years, every jacket and pair of jeans I owned had treat crumbs crammed down in the corners of the pockets. And then the Tom Bihn treat bag came into my life.

This is, by far, the most well constructed and classiest treat bag I’ve ever seen. It’s made of ballistic nylon with a rip-stop nylon interior … both of which repel fur. It has three pockets – two with zipper closures and a treat pouch with draw-string closure that’s designed so the lining will not tear no matter how tight you pull it. The bag will hold your clicker, money, cell phone, and treats. And, there’s no need to carry a separate waste bag dispenser, because it has one built in!

Tom Bihn Citizen Canine Dog Walking Bag

All tricked out with the waist strap, it’s a splurge at $65 plus shipping – but it’s money well spent! Mine has been through the wash a dozen times, and you’d never know it wasn’t just out of the box. I carry the treat bag far more often than a purse – so it has to look good!

Ty Walking

Show me the treats!

Your Chance To Win

This contest is now closed. Karla Gutierrez-Pugh is the winner of the Tim Bihn treat bag!

Come back every day this week for more of the Best Pet Travel Gear!

Monday’s Best Pet Travel Gear 2012 Recipient: Bionic Stuffer

Disclosure:  We received one free Citizen Canine dog treat bag from Tom Bihn. The opinions expressed here are my honest assessment of the product based on my personal experience using it. Tom Bihn will send a free Citizen Canine dog treat bag to the winner of this contest.

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  • I know I’m a nerd, but the waist strap is key. I have a fanny-pack style bag now, but it’s too small to hold really anything other than treats and a cell phone.

  • A classy treat bag, you say? Sign me up!

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  • I still have an aversion to wearing treat bags around my waist but this one looks almost cool enough to pull off. ;-)

  • This bag looks perfect for my pup Sirius and I! Carrying a purse when we go places is not an option and this little bag has everything we need to have great adventures together. Thanks!

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