Pet Travel. Made Easy.

Pet Travel Essentials

Having the right gear makes traveling with your pets easier and more fun – and no one knows that better than us, since we travel full-time in a Winnebago with our dogs, Ty and Buster! There’s no room onboard for non-performers, so the products we choose have to be good for our dogs, durable, a value for the price, and somehow enhance our pet travel experience. Below you’ll find the pet travel products that have made our cut. We hope sharing that these “Pet Travel Must Haves” will help make your next pet friendly trip even better. Waggin’ trails!

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The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Shipment

The Honest Kitchen Pet Food

For healthy dog food that’s perfectly suited for traveling, we choose The Honest Kitchen. Their human-grade formulas are loaded with nutrition, Ty and Buster think it’s drool-worthy, and being dehydrated makes it a cinch for us to pack!

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Ty in Sleepypod Click-It Harness |

Car Harnesses Are A Necessity

Cars are designed with humans in mind, so pet passengers need extra help to stay safe when climbing in for a ride. Sleepypod’s Clickit Sport is the only safety harness certified by the Center for Pet Safety – and it’s how we keep Ty and Buster safe!

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HearDoggy Flats - Elephant

Hear Doggy Toys from Quaker Pet Group

Hear Doggy™! toys from Quaker Pet Group have squeakers that dogs can hear, but people can’t – which makes them our go-to toy to keep Ty and Buster entertained when we’re staying with friends or in a hotel.

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Alcott Martingale Collar

Alcott’s Martingale Collars Keep Dogs Safe

Making sure you all come home together is important when planning your pet friendly trip. Dogs can’t back out of a properly fitted martingale collar, which helps prevent them from getting lost!

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Pawz Dog Boots for Sensitive Paws

Buster has sensitive paws, and walking on rocky or abrasive surfaces is no fun. To keep the big boy smiling, we always pack his Pawz Dog Boots!

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Buster and iCalm

iCalmDog Music Player

The soothing music from Through A Dog’s Ear is now available in a mobile version! This portable player can go everywhere your dog does, providing six hours of clinically-proven calming melodies before needing to recharge.

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