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Remote Pet Temperature Monitors

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A big concern when traveling with pets is keeping them safe from the heat. Whether you’re planning a solo road trip  or traveling across the country in your RV, there will be times when you cannot bring your pet with you.

When those moments arise, you need a device to alert you if the temperature where your pet is waiting gets to hot. We tested and reviewed each of these products for our pet temperature monitor roundup.

Pet Temperature Monitor Roundup - Comparing Devices that Keep Pets Safe from the Heat |

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AnimAlarm’s wireless temperature monitor works on a cellular network. It includes one base station and one remote sensor, and delivers notification by text message or email.

Blink Home Security Camera

Capture video or still images of your pets from a cell phone with Blink’s Home Security Camera! A built-in temperature monitor provides extra peace of mind.

Govee WiFi Thermo-Hygrometer

This remote temperature monitor is battery-operated and a cinch to use! Receive alerts on your smart phone from their easy-to-use app if temperatures exceed the limits you set.

MarCell Cellular Temperature Monitor

MarCell’s cellular-based temperature monitor requires no landline or internet. Alerts are provided by text, email or phone call.

Proteus WiFi Temperature Sensor

The Proteus WiFi temperature monitor can be plugged into a wall outlet or 12V USB power port. Alerts are provided by text or email with no monthly charges.

RV Pet Safety Temperature Monitor

RV Pet Safety’s remote temperature monitor sends alerts over a cellular network. Twelve months of monitoring is included, and no land line or internet connection is required.

SensorPush WiFi Gateway and Wireless Thermometer

The SensorPush system is one or more wireless thermometers connected to the WiFi gateway (sold separately). This system send alerts through the mobile app.

Tempstick Wireless Temperature Sensor

The Tempstick wireless temperature sensor connects directly to your WiFi and sends alerts by text and email. No monthly fees, and unlimited data history included.