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RV Internet Gear

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Everything we love about our nomadic lifestyle depends on one thing … a speedy internet connection. Without it, we couldn’t keep our businesses running smoothly. So having reliable internet service in the RV is more than just important to us — it’s crucial. This is the gear we use to ensure we stay connected. Winnebago parked at pet-friendly Angostura Campground in South Dakota's Black Hills

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weBoost Cellular Antenna – Truck Edition

Our RV internet setup starts with two weBoost Cellular Antennas mounted on the roof of our motorhome. These antennas amplify the cellular signal to our system.

Sierra Wireless LTE 4G Modem

A cellular modem allows us to access the internet from the motorhome. We use the Sierra Wireless LTE 4G modem in our RV internet setup.

Oley Mini PCI-E to USB Adapter Protection Box

Placing the Sierra Wireless Modem and our cellular SIM card in an Oley Mini PCI-E to USB Adapter protection box allow these to be connected to the rest of our RV internet equipment.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard

The Raspberry Pi acts as a gateway for our RV internet system, and the open-source firmware, called ROOter, can be flashed to a 16GB Class 10 Micro SD card.

16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card

The Raspberry Pi, which acts as a gateway for our RV internet system, requires open-source firmware. This firmware, known as ROOter, can be flashed to a 16GB Class 10 Micro SD card.

Flirc Raspberry Pi Case

The Raspberry Pi and 16GB Micro SD Card are installed in the Flirc Raspberry Pi case. This allows them to be connected to the other components of the RV internet setup.

CradlePoint Broadband Router

The CradlePoint Router is the heart of our RV internet setup. This allows us to establish a WAN to which all our devices, including our Wifi-enabled remote temperature monitor, connect.

Ubiquiti NanoStation

We use the Ubiquiti NanoStation to amplify campground or other public Wifi signals. Connecting it to the CradlePoint Router allows us to save our cellular data.