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Travel Season 2016 – Help Us Plan Our Trip!

It’s officially the middle of February. For the past four years, you’d have found us firmly ensconced in Austin, Texas – perhaps getting a bit itchy, but still weeks away from launching into the beginning of another travel season.

This year has been different. We decided to forgo our winter hibernation in favor of a season of rambling and exploring new places. We spent a month hopscotching around Phoenix, had two fantastic weeks in Tucson, and are in the middle of month-long mosey across Texas.

One thing that’s really struck me over the past few weeks is that, though we’ve been a lot of places, there’s still so much to see. Let’s take Tucson as an example … we’ve been through Tucson no less than four times in the past six years, yet last month was our first visit to Catalina State Park. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! And we still wouldn’t have stayed there, except that friends let us know we’d been really missing the mark.

The Best Travel Advice

Help Us Plan Our 2016 TravelAnd, so it goes. The best tips always come from people who’ve gone before – who’ve spent time exploring, and have uncovered the hidden gems. We’ve gotten the message, and we’re excited to see where it takes us!

So, here we stand, at the beginning of another promising travel season. We have only two commitments on the books … our first Family Motorcoach Association rally in Perry, Georgia in mid-March, and our third Winnebago rally in Forest City, Iowa in July. Other than that, we’re completely flexible, ready to roll, and open to suggestions.

This year, our goal is to see places we haven’t been before … and we’re counting on you for suggestions. If you’re wondering whether we’ve already visited some of your favorite locations, check out our pet friendly destination guides.

The first leg of our journey has us heading east from Texas to Georgia for the FMCA rally. What do we need to see on the Gulf Coast? And, once the rally’s over, where should our next stop be?

Let’s hear your advice! Share the pet friendly hidden gems you’ve found in the comments below!

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  • Hi Judy! We’ve been to Key West with the boys and enjoyed our time there. Things get pretty crowded when the cruise ships pull in, so you might want to avoid downtown during that time with the dogs. Ty and Buster found all the roosters running around to be very entertaining … or perhaps they were hoping to catch dinner. I hope you all have a great trip!

  • Good to know – thanks, Harold! We’re going to be heading that way after the FMCA rally in Georgia.

  • Key West, we’re hoping to go this fall but not sure how dog friendly it would be for our two Danes and a Frenchie.

  • St. Andrews SP near Panama City

  • You’re so right, Hagrid – Bend is beautiful! I hope we get back there soon.

  • Bend, Oregon is a GREAT dog-friendly town if you ever get that far west.

  • Great tips, Oz! I was just thinking about heading to the Gulf Coast – it’s like you were reading my mind!

  • Hmmm, you haven’t done the Gulf Coast of Florida yet. We are just back from Fort Myers area. There’s a lot of RVing over there. Sanibel Island has dog friendly beachs and restaurants and is a short drive from Fort Myers proper. In addition, we found the Koreshan Settlement State Historic Site in Estero (a short drive south) which is pretty cool – the park itself contains the old buildings and gardens from the settlement as well as a campground, nature trails and canoe/kayak launch.

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