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We continue to learn new stuff as we travel with our dogs that will make pet travel easier for you! Here’s where you’ll find all that important stuff — think of it like the “junk drawer” in the kitchen: filled with the stuff we use everyday and couldn’t live without, but just don’t know where to put. Well, we found a place for it, and here it is. Enjoy!

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Pet Friendly Ghost Tours for Howl-o-ween |

Pet Friendly Ghost Tours for Howl-o-ween

There's nothing better than putting a little howl into your Halloween celebration, and taking your pup on a pet friendly ghost tour could be fiendishly perfect! We've identified pet friendly ghost tours from New York to California - so make your plans now!

Exploring our Pet-Friendly National Grasslands |

Exploring Our Pet-Friendly National Grasslands

The national grasslands are now managed by the Unites States Forest Service - which is great news for those of us traveling with pets! While national and state park campgrounds fill up fast, there are 20 national grasslands offering incredible views, quiet camping options, and lots of pet friendly room to explore!

Duluth, MN

10 Dog Friendly Road Trips for Fall

It's a spectacular time of the year ... when Mother Nature sets off her fireworks and lights up the hills with color. Are you planning to pack the car, buckle up your pup, and take off on a dog friendly road trip? There are opportunities for fantastic leaf-peeping all across the country, and we've pulled together our top 10 picks for pet friendly fall foliage destinations!

Commonly Asked Questions About Traveling with Adventure Cats |

Common Questions About Traveling With Adventure Cats

We started taking our cats, Fish and Chips, on outings shortly after we adopted them, including backpacking, hiking, and snowshoeing! It's unusually to see cats hiking up the trail, so people are curious about how and why we do it. These are some of the common questions we get about traveling with our adventure cats:

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Rattlesnake Training for Dogs: The 411 on Snake Avoidance |

Rattlesnake Training for Dogs: The 411 on Snake Avoidance

If you live or hike in an area prone to rattlesnakes, training your dogs to avoid them could save their lives! We found a trainer in Tucson that uses postive reinforcement to teach dogs to avoid snakes, and have advice for finding a trainer in your area.

A bag with all the essentials your dog will need to go on an overnight trip.

Packing an Overnight Bag for Your Dog

For an overnight or weekend trip, you want to pack your dog's essentials without lugging along more that you'll need. It's a delicate balance, but we put together a list of the things they absolutely can't live without.

Honey the golden retriever tries to figure out which cup is hiding her treat.

11 Ways To Tire Out Your Dog In A Small Space

That awesome hike you have planned in the mountains is sure to tire your dog out! But what if it rains? Or if you sprain your ankle? We'll give you eleven ways to tire out your dog - even if you live in a small space!

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