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Traveling with Dogs in the US

Today we have a guest post from Kristina Zelisko, a dog and travel lover, with her perspectives on traveling in the United States with dogs. She has some great suggestions for your next trip!


As a dog owner and a travel enthusiast, dog friendly cities are big on my list of desired local locations. After living in Europe for a year and growing accustomed to a dog snoozing at your feet in cafes and around shops, it’s sometimes difficult to find places with any good access on this side of the pond. Being a dog friendly city isn’t simply about having dog waste bags available in parks or designated pet waste stations for residential drop offs, it’s about considering your dog a part of the family.

Seattle, Washington is an excellent example. Not only do they allow well behaved dogs on all buses and trains, they also have many pet friendly restaurants that allow your four-legged friend to relax indoors or on the patio with you while you enjoy a meal.

Portland, Oregon is another very friendly city from a dog’s perspective. With stops like the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company or Pearls Bakery, you can grab a beer or a nice shot of caffeine and a fine pastry without having to leave the pooch behind. Lucky Labs is adorned with dog paraphernalia and photos of patrons all over the world wearing Lucky Lab gear. It’s definitely a fun and friendly place!

Lucky Lab Brewing Co - Portland, OR

Head a further down the west coast to Huntington Beach, California and check out the “Doggie Menu” at the Park Bench Café. They offer a special outdoor “Doggie Dining Area” and a doggie menu with items like Hot Diggity Dog, Bow Wow Chow, Annabelle’s Treat, and Doggie Kibble.

Park Bench Cafe - Huntington Beach, CA

Even though the west coast probably does have a larger quantity of dog friendly cities, this doesn’t mean that the East doesn’t like man’s best friend.

New York is actually a much more dog friendly city than most people would think. There are many pet friendly hotels – from budget to upscale – that allow dogs, and there is even a dog walking tour of the city with dog waste bags dotting the route, providing a great opportunity for you both to get a little fresh air.

Chicago, Illinois is another excellent example of a city that loves its furry companions. With many dog friendly hotels and B&B’s and almost 20 miles of paved walk around Lake Michigan, there is a lot for both of you to do. If you fancy a dinner out then make sure you head to Cucina Bella’s. Not only is your dog welcome, but they will also be served a complimentary bowl of pasta and a bowl of water!

Traveling with a dog can provide certain challenges. With a little homework though, you can find a ton of great locations that you’ll both enjoy!

Author bio: Kristina Zelisko is writer and dog-enthusiast currently working in affiliation with GABPProperty.

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  • Pup Fan says:

    Interesting post… I love finding out where the most dog-friendly locales are!

  • Hi Y’all,

    Do they limit dog size in Chicago and New York restaurants? I’m kind of BIG…although I’ve lost a couple of pounds…most places don’t want BIG dogs that weigh about 100lbs. I’d LOVE to visit Chicago in the late summer, early fall.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hi Hawk! I’ve never had anyone tell me that there is a weight limit on dogs at restaurants. I don’t think you’ll have any problems, even though you are a big boy. What matters more than your size is that you’re a good boy.

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