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Traveling With Fearful Dogs

Nope … you won’t find me under there today.

Today, I am guest posting over at Champion of My Heart. This blog chronicles the training challenges and life in general with a brilliant, sensitive dog.

My topic? Traveling with fearful dogs. Here’s an excerpt.

It’s likely Buster was not properly socialized as a pup because his issues arise around other dogs, large or small, when he is on leash. Most times when we approach another dog Buster’s hackles go up and he growls …

Ty does not take well to strangers. He prefers to tentatively sniff and does not relish being touched. This fear is more pronounced with men than women. If someone bends over to pet him, Ty gets startled and will back away and bark …

As you can see, our dogs are not exactly the “poster pups” you would expect for people who run a business called GoPetFriendly!

So jump on over to my post and read what it’s like to travel with fearful dogs.