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Turn the RV Around

We left our home in the Poconos on April 23, knowing we had to be back on July 11 … yesterday, actually. We did a great deal of planning around this heavy anchor on our schedule … how far we could go and when we had to turn back.

Today, we find ourselves happily ensconced on Lake Superior in Duluth, MN.

How did that happen?!

The last official post regarding our whereabouts had us coming out of Door County, WI for the holiday weekend. We spent the night in Green Bay on July 4th. Let’s pick up from there.

Earlier in our trip we had gotten a tweet from @K9cuisine asking us if we might make it to northern Michigan, specifically the town of Charlevoix on Lake Michigan. From Green Bay, we had two choices. First, head south to Chicago and turn left – making a beeline through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio to get into Pennsylvania. Second, head north and leisurely drive over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, cross the Mackinac Bridge, hang in Charlevoix for a few days – then Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

We were so all over the Charlevoix option. Though I will write a future post about our time there, suffice it to say for now that Charlevoix is the quintessential lake resort town and super pet friendly to boot.

Then, last Thursday, we left Charlevoix and continued our trek home. This is probably a good time to throw up a map. The blue line represents the start of our trip back to Pennsylvania, and the blue pushpins where we stayed en route.

How We Got to Deluth, MN

See the yellow pushpin? That’s Harrisville. Nothing remarkable about it. But that’s where I got the call. THE CALL. My cause for returning to Pennsylvania had been postponed! Not by a day or even a week … it was being pushed back to the end of September or maybe even early December. Holy mother of Dog!

When I hung up my cell phone I pulled into a parking lot. Immediately. Amy and I looked at each other and started laughing. This change in plans was so unexpected that we didn’t know what to do. We were giddy with possibilities. We camped at the yellow pushpin to let it all sink in.

That night we considered going back to Pennsylvania anyway. There were some other minor matters we could attend to, and I truly was looking forward to seeing my mom.

Or we could turn back from turning back and head west.

And that’s what we did. (Sorry mom!) We’ve turned the Winnebago around and, following the red line and red pushpins, we now find ourselves in Duluth. We’ve covered 5,983 miles since April 23 and feel like we have a new lease on life.

From here we’re thinking west – Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Yellowstone. All places that I’ve never been to before. Then BlogPaws West in Denver in early September. Life is good!

Lesson learned: Live for today because you can’t control what will happen tomorrow.

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  • Roxanne Hawn says:

    So, I take it you met Daisy the dog whose food needs launched the whole @K9Cuisine adventure? Their summertime lake getaway sounds terrific.

  • You two must be like kids in a candy store as you review the map in search of future adventures. What a reprieve!

    • I am sooo excited to head west. When I was 14, I went on a bus trip to the Boy Scout Ranch in Philmont, New Mexico. Got to see some cool things. But I've never traveled west from the north. Looking forward to seeing Montana and Wyoming.

  • EdieJ says:

    Love the map graphics. It's all very abstract to me until I can actually see it like you laid it out; thanks. Now I'm waiting for you to invite your mother on the road, Rod, and for Amy to start blogging about traveling in an RV with her husband, two dogs, and her mother in law ;-)

  • michelechollow says:

    Endless possibilities. As the saying goes, “The journey is part of the adventure,” and you are both living an adventurous life.

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