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Unexpected Detours

Let me catch you up on our escapades of the past week or so. Last weekend we pulled into the driveway of our good friends, Kim and Tim Clune near Albany, New York, and we’ve been on the go non-stop since then.

We went to dinner, went to brunch, had a bonfire and burned my shoe … and sock!

Brunch with Kim and Tim Campfire with KIm and Tim Rod Gather Fuel with Kim and Tim Burnt Shoe with Kim and Tim Burnt Sock with Kim and Tim

Then we dropped Rod off at the airport so he could speak at a conference in Texas, had lunch with Peggy, and had a big day with Barron and Bristol.

Peggy, Kim and Amy

Come along for a ride to the vet with us and the Dog House Adoption pups! 

Then we blew up the Winnebago, picked Rod up at the airport, played some mini-golf to celebrate Kim and Tim’s wedding anniversary and  … oh, wait.

You caught that?

Yeah, that’s right – we blew up the Winnebago. I guess that deserves further explanation.

Blowing Up the Winnebago

Summer temperatures slammed into upstate New York last week. In a very sweet gesture to make us comfortable while we camped in their yard, the Clunes called an electrician to install an RV outlet so that we could run the air conditioner in the Winnebago. Unfortunately, the electrician made a mistake in wiring the outlet and had 220 volts surging through the lines, rather than the 110 we needed. When we plugged the Winnie in, we super-charged the electrical system and burned it out. Pfffft!

For safety’s sake, we moved into Tim’s man cave in the basement. It’s awesome! We have a huge television, comfy furniture, a king-sized air bed, plenty of space for the dogs to stretch out and private access to the fenced dog yard. I think Buster’s wondering what we did to score this upgrade.

On Monday we dropped the Winnebago off for repairs and yesterday the service specialist called us with the damages. Our power converter, inverter and microwave oven were fried and need to be replaced. It will take about a week to get the parts in, and we’re hoping the Winnie will be ready to roll on Tuesday.

So, our week-long visit to the Clune’s will be more like 2 1/2 weeks. (Consider that fair warning to any of you thinking of inviting us to camp in your driveway!) The good news is that we’re having an absolute blast. Not only will our friendship survive this – it will be even stronger. When life sends you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!

Kim and Amy

Photo Credit: Most of the photos in the post were taken by Kim Clune. I hijacked them from her Facebook page – with her permission, of course.

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  • I had a fantastic time meeting you and hanging out a bit with you and Kim. Like you say, couldn’t be a more convenient and happy location than to be “stuck” up at the Clune’s residence!

  • I’m sorry that the Winnie had a slight malfunction!! I am thinking maybe you need to stay away from things that sizzle for a bit:) Glad to hear you are making the best out of it!

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