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Uniting for Dog Rescue

Last month I got to do something really special … I helped set up five homeless dogs to change some lives!

Buster's NoseFor those of you who don’t know, a stray dog wandered in and turned my life upside down more than four years ago. This goofy German Shepherd showed me how difficult it was for people to travel with their pets, and shortly thereafter we set out to fix it. Two accountants built a website, sold their home, and moved into an RV.

Buster has made our lives better in too many ways to count, and I know other dogs out there can do the same thing … if they just survive long enough to get adopted. We can’t add any more pets to the Winnebago, so instead we helped put five Dog House Adoption dogs in the best possible position to find a new family – we made a donation to have them spayed or neutered. I was even in the right place at the right time to take one of the pups in for his surgery!

This weekend we got the best news – on Saturday three of the dogs we sponsored were at an adoption event and all three had people apply to make them part of their family! Home visits will be taking place this week and *fingers crossed* by the weekend three of “our” dogs could be on their way to changing some lives. We couldn’t be more excited.

You Can Help, Too!

Bloggers Unite for Dog RescueYou can participate in today’s event in the following ways:

  • Blog about a dog rescue related topic
  • Leave comments on your favorite blogs and share their links across your social network
  • Start conversations with your friends in person, on Facebook, or on Twitter about the importance of dog rescue
  • Adopt a companion
  • Donate to a local dog rescue organization
  • Foster a dog
  • Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization

No matter how you decide to take part, your effort will make a difference in the lives of homeless animals.

Thank You

Thanks to Blog CatalogDog Rescue Success for organizing this event and to Be the Change for Animals for helping promote it. (Click their links for more on how to participate.) And, thanks to everyone who takes part!

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  • Awesome, awesome, awesome… so much awesome. :)

  • Wish there was a “Love” button to click. ;)

  • I think it’s important for people to see they CAN help rescue dogs – even if they can’t foster or adopt. By sponsoring five dogs, you gave them a chance at a new life with their forever families. Way to go Amy and Rod!

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