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Austin was hot last week, but it was nice and cool in’s pet friendly offices! Sign

We visited Angie and Kevin O’Brien, founders of the company that has been helping owners move their pets around the world for more than nine years.


The Team with Angie and Kevin O’Brien – founders of offers worldwide door-to-door pet transportation services and takes care of every detail involved in planning and implementing safe and compassionate pet shipping for their clients.

We were treated to the grand tour of their offices and got to meet many of the people that make moving your pet simple. Buster enthusiastically acted as the Ambassador, charging ahead and introducing himself to all the members of the team – human and canine! (His excitement may have also been the result of a hope that he’d find someone willing to share their lunch.) :-) Employees

The staff here is close … really close. Dog Condo

The dog condo

If you need advice or help moving your pet – in the US or around the world – PetRelocation can help. Check them out on their website and on Facebook.

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  • Hi, I am so jealous. I interviewed Kevin a long while ago for my book about animal careers, and I was so impressed with his operation. is so well organized. If I was moving, I know my pet would be safely cared for. It’s a great organization.

  • Adventurejess says:

    I think I heard of these guys a few years back. Great business niche and I am sure it take a lot of stress of many pet owners.

  • Hi Y’all,

    This is a great service to know about! You just never know when you could need it.

    BrownDog’s Momma

    • Exactly! And, they’re a wealth of information! You can even get help with a “do it yourself” move. They’ll provide you with all the forms and info you need, and you can make the arrangements. They’ve thought of everything!

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