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We Are Pet Food Network Stars!

You’ve heard about our electrical mishap and resulting extended stay with friends from my perspective … now it’s time to get the other side of the story. This guest post by Kim Clune from This One Wild Life takes you behind the scenes for a look at what we actually did while we camped in her (very nicely furnished) basement. And find out where you’ll be able to see our antics in person. IT’S TRUE – I’ve convinced Kim to take our show on the road!


Pet Food Network Stars

When Amy Burkert from dropped by to freeload for a month*, competitive shows from the Food Network dominated our television. Deciding to finally put Amy to work, I used her obsession to my advantage. The end result? We became Petfood Network Stars in our very own show minds.

Now, I’m no cook – for myself or my pets – which is why I feed the animals from The Honest Kitchen. I just add warm water and easily serve up a healthy meal. It smells so good, I’m sometimes tempted to serve it for dinner. It is human grade, after all. Still, Amy inspired me to get creative with her.

Check out our easy summertime treat to beat the heat and soothe environmental itch for cats and dogs! We call it…

Sparkle from The Honest Kitchen



Sparkle Herbal Supplement
The Honest Kitchen

Sparkle is an herbal nutritional supplement made with Dandelion Leaf, Rosehips, Burdock Root, Nettle Leaf, and Nutritional Yeast. It is designed to support healthy skin and a shiny coat for both dogs and cats.

We are encouraged that customers of The Honest Kitchen have remarked on it’s anti-inflammatory qualities. That’s the kind of relief our dogs need too.

Pizza Bites from

Pizza Bites

Pizza Bites are great for dogs with allergies because they contain no wheat, corn or soy and they are made with with all natural, human quality ingredients & baked in small batches at a human grade kitchen in the USA. And now they’re available with lightening-fast shipping from!

Added Bonus

Both The Honest Kitchen and Bark4Green offer all-natural, human grade, hormone and antibiotic free pet foods. Amy and I don’t even feed ourselves as well as we do our pets. (Just watch us lick artificially colored and flavored orange goo from every one of our fingers after devouring a bag of cheese curls.)


As our video demonstrates, our pets formed some pretty strong opinions about our mad cooking skillz. These Pet Food Network Stars made the cut… for now.


Cook up more pet treats with us in person at BarkWorld Expo, the national social petworking™ conference taking place in Atlanta from October 25-27, 2012. We’ll be making special concoctions for you and your pet’s delight every day. The big mystery: Will we ever graduate to using an oven? Be there to find out!


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* Amy, her husband Rod, and their two dogs didn’t mean to freeload in our basement for a month. Their intent was to freeload in our driveway for a week… until a faulty outlet installation set their Winnebago on fire. We were trying to be accommodating hosts, installing a means for air conditioning in their year-round mobile home. And we really were accommodating hosts… for an additional three weeks during repair.
Sparkling Sardines


Amy and I are proud participants in The Honest Kitchen’s Allies Program. I joined because, after dangerous recalls and increased deception about what constitutes “healthy” food in the pet food industry, I finally found a human grade, socially and environmentally conscious dog food company that I can trust my dogs’ life with. While I do receive samples and a discount through the program, I tell everybody I know about The Honest Kitchen because – bottom line – I want them to feel as good about what they feed their dogs as I do.

Bark4Green provides Pizza Bites for the dogs at GoPetFriendly and they also donate them to Dog House Adoptions, a rescue that I co-founded. We feed these treats in abundance because they really are that good! No really. Smell them. They smell awesome and the dogs go nuts for them.

Planning a pet friendly trip of your own? We’ll make it easy:
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  • Amy and Kim you both did a great job on this cooking video!

  • Kim Clune says:

    I think we need a side business just WEARING aprons from Husbands sure seem to approve since it signals treats for them too. :)

  • Kim Clune says:

    Pam, thank you for your Pizza Bites donation to Dog House Adoptions! The dogs LOVE them! We’ve been using them at adoption clinics to reward terrific behavior (which includes just sitting pretty) and sharing them in our adoption packs. :)

  • Kim Clune says:

    Aren’t you leading a caravan – or something? LOL.

  • I wondered about the aprons as well. I’ll have to check that out! Hopefully the stars will align and I’ll get you see you both in action!

  • I cracked up the first time I read this, thanks to a link from Kristine’s blog and it’s just as funny now! Have you thought about a side business selling aprons?

  • Bark4Green says:

    Great job Kim and Amy! You looked like professional chefs and the video is PAWSOME! We can’t wait to see some more demonstrations and recipes :) Interesting comment Peggy about the fish oil tablets too, we like to give them to our Rocky and will definitely be paying attention to see if they have any soy b/c he’s sensitive too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim Clune says:

    PS: For those interested in traveling with their dogs or cats to BarkWorld, this conference is totally pet friendly. If the need arises, they are offering doggy daycare during sessions. :)

  • Kim Clune says:

    Thanks, Peggy! We had a lot of fun for our first adventure but I’m guessing they might get even more fun with practice. :) I’m looking to The Honest Kitchen’s recipe book for new ideas and there are PLENTY! Can’t wait to dive in!

  • Hey Kim and Amy, I love the cooking video! You two are hilarious! Great recipe and great tips. I’ve been using the fish oil tablets for Brooks and surprisingly found out that the kind I buy also has soy in it. If Ty’s did as well, maybe that was what he was reacting too. Anyway, I look forward to more cooking demos!

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