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In today’s political climate, it’s easy to get the feeling that your vote doesn’t matter – but when it comes to influencing whether places are pet friendly, I can assure you that every vote counts! Right now the city of Georgetown, Texas – just up the road from Austin (which is perhaps the most pet friendly city in the country) – is dealing with a new ordinance banning pets at the outdoor seating areas of local restaurants. Area citizens have started a petition, and hopefully they’ll be successful in getting this law reversed, but until then they’re missing opportunities to spend time with their dogs.

Things are even worse in Quebec, where the mayors of Quebec City and Montreal have been pushing for breed specific laws banning pit bulls from their cities. The mayor of Quebec City has since retreated from his hard-line stance, but a province-wide ban on pit bulls, similar to the one in effect in Ontario, is still being considered.

Clearly, supporting candidates for local, state, and provincial governments whose values reflect your own, and communicating your opinions to your representatives are important part of the process – but what about those of us who don’t live (or vote) in Quebec, or Georgetown, or other places that could use an upgrade in their pet friendly attitude? We also have leverage, because we can vote with our dollars!

Businesses and tourist destinations are there to make money, and the pet travel community has a lot to spend! For years we’ve made it our policy to patronize pet friendly businesses, and we always let management know that we’ve chosen them over their competitors because they welcome our furry family members. We’ve taken a similar stance in our travel itineraries, avoiding cities like Denver, Colorado and the province of Ontario, where discriminatory breed bans are enforced.

Why do we do this?  Because when we vote with our dollars, the establishments that receive our votes grow and prosper. The proprietors of those businesses, in turn, communicate to their government officials that the pet friendly community is contributing to their economy, and this encourages more polices that welcome pets.

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Longer term, our goal at is to create a groundswell of pet friendliness, so that people who travel with their pets are recognized as an influential market force … which persuades more businesses and cities to “GoPetFriendly” … which makes it easier for people to travel with their pets.  We see it like this:

GoPetFriendly - The Process Wheel

So the next time you have a choice, vote pet friendly! Your participation really does matter!

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  • Good for you, Bleva – everyone has their own point of view. If you’ve never exprienced the love of a wonderful dog, I can understand how you’d be hard-hearted when it comes to those if us who prefer to have our pets along.

  • We make it a point to thank businesses that do not allow pets and also to let those that allow pets inside know why they do not get our business. We’re in Georgetown at this time and are making it a point to let our preference be known.

  • We’re so glad to help, Ceil, and we wish you and Eddie the Wonder Dog many happy adventures. Waggin’ trails to you both!

  • Ceil Hearn says:

    Excellent article, Amy! Money talks! I travel a lot with Eddie the Wonder Dog, and always make it a point to thank pet friendly businesses and spend money there. And I always tell pet friendly accommodations that I’ll be leaving excellent feedback for them on your site and trip advisor. I also want to thank you for your road trip planner – how incredibly helpful!! Wish I found that a long time ago!

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  • Jim McBean says:

    I haven’t done much traveling the last several years, but back in 2004 my job required some travel with overnight stays. At that time there weren’t many “pet-friendly” hotels/motels and finding them was not easy.

    You’re providing a great resource to help pet owners find pet-friendly establishments.

    Thank you on behalf of Sweety, Zeus & myself!

  • We are with you in the movement to increase pet-friendly travel around the country! We here in Oregon love pets and would never want anyone to have to leave their furry family member behind.

    That’s why we offer a huge collection of pet friendly vacation rentals on the Oregon Coast!

    • Thanks for leaving your comment. The more pet friendly options there are, the more people will travel with their pets. Vacation rentals like yours provide more alternatives for people looking for pet friendly accommodations.

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