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Woof 'n Wags Cover“As most things seem to happen in life, it started with a few words to a friend: I’d like to publish an e-magazine for dog people. Her response: Let’s do it. And that is how, a few months ago, Woofs ‘n Wags was born.

This conversation between Dee Bogetti and Sue Kindred led to the fabulous new e-magazine released yesterday. The inaugural issue focuses on Breed Specific Legislation and features an inspirational story about an abandoned pit bull, now named “Tink,” who was once used as a bait dog. Other articles explore the importance of stopping breed specific legislation, chronicle one family’s fight to win the freedom of their dog who was confiscated more than 230 days ago, and look at the UK’s Dangerous Dog Laws.

We’re especially excited because we’ve been invited to write a column for Woofs ‘n Wags about pet travel! This month we shared some basic travel tips and in future issues we’re planning to provide destination guides and answer readers questions. Check out these graphics!

Woofs 'n Wags Travel Tips by

If you’ve never read an e-magazine before, don’t be intimidated. Just click to turn the page (you can even hear the page turning!), click the text to zoom in, sit back and enjoy. Woofs n’ Wags would love to have your feedback on their Facebook page.

  • Michele says:

    Important topic, glad they are covering it. I will check it out now.

  • This is great, congratulations! :)

  • Thanks for the shout-out and for being part of our magazine, Amy!

  • Hi Y'all,

    Now that I've read Woofs n' Wags cover to cover I can only say “LOVE IT!!!!”

    The sad articles about the BSL are frightening. It's the same thing Hitler did with Humans…are we next? I've always held, ban the owner, not all the dogs of all the owners.

    Enough…I linked up with several of the links…so I'm off to check them out further.

    Looking forward to the next quarterly.

    Hawk aka BrownDog's Momma

  • Just visited! Congratulations to the editors for this fantastic new pub! I actually prefer reading e-mags and digital news, etc. (not to mention the addiction to my new Kindle!). Great article, Amy and Rod. We travel extensively with Kiva and I found your tips extremely valuable and learned a few new things, too!

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